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Kelli's Rambling Goodbye Muffintop Log Version 2


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Hi Everyone.

Today is Day1 and I am about to eat breakfast. I successfully did a Whole 42 that ended in April. Since then, I have been about 50% compliant and want to re-set and feel again the greatness of eating smart more than half of the time.


This morning, I put on a new pair of jeans and the muffin top that was rolling over the top of them looked deliciously like the top of a blueberry muffin and lowered my mood from meh to I'm pissed off at everything. Therefore, with no pre-planning done at all, here I am.


Okay breakfast for the day is:

One scrambled egg with spinach, some kind of purple pepper from the farmer's market and a piece or two of Applegate Farms pepperoni. Oh wait - it has dextrose :rolleyes: .  Okay so tomorrow will be my first official day as one egg is not enough and I don't have anything else to eat and me getting hungry due to not enough protein or fat is not a good thing.


Today my goals are:

1. Make a meal plan and grocery list for the week.

2. Stay focused

3. Yoga after work


Conclusion: Today is Day-1 (that's a negative 1) since my pepperoni has dextrose. I guess I'll go ahead and put milk in my coffee one last time too while I'm at it :).


If anyone is reading this, I'm sorry if its dull. I'm doing this just as a personal log and although I'd like to be a comedy writer for a living, I have an accountant's brain.

That is all.




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Breakfast Day 1:

2 eggs "scrambled" in the microwave at work with steamed spinach and an avocado. All deliciously seasoned with sea salt. A side of black coffee.

Here is a picture. I isn't pretty because I didn't wipe the side of the bowl like chefs do, but it is tasty.


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Lunch Day1:

A bite of leftover Cochon de Lait from WF as I didn't want to waste it (no bad stuff in ingredients and I didn't eat the fat because that pig was probably not grassfed) then:


Smoked salmon (again, no off-limit ingredients)

Sautéed broccoli rabe w garlic



I felt very satisfied. Got "hungry" (?bored?) around 3:00, so I made some tea. Didn't feel hungry again til I was cooking dinner.


Dinner Day1:

One chicken thigh and a quarter of a chicken breast-sprinkled with salt, pep, and random spices and baked.

Cauliflower rice with roasted butternut squash. The original recipe was for a butternut squash risotto with rice, cream and parm cheese. I edited it to be compliant: Sautéed onion and garlic in ghee. Added cauliflower and cooked til it was done. Then I added more ghee, roasted butternut squash and fresh sage. Yum.

The chicken was edible. It is a big step for me to eat chicken as I do NOT like the flavor but I'm a big girl. I cut it up in small bites and mixed it with the cauliflower dish.  I ate it all.

I felt a little hungry before bed but that's okay.


The boyfriend called around 8:00 and asked if I wanted to wait until Friday to start as he was getting a daiquiri on his way home. (I live in Louisiana and we have drive through daiquiri shops. I know - its weird.) I told him that I wasn't postponing this Whole30 and that if I DID postpone it, it would be for noodles, not a daiquiri :).




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Well I ate macaroni and cheese and fish sticks and channa masala on Saturday night. I went to a Sharknado viewing party at a friend's house. She happens to be Indian - how could I pass up her channa masala?


I thought I was well prepared. I ate dinner before I left home and even splurged for some Perrier water so I could at least have something pretty in a glass while everyone else enjoyed adult beverages.


During the movie, after everyone had eaten dinner and had moved onto dessert, I started worrying that the other people would think I had an eating disorder. I am not overweight really and had just met most of the people there that evening. I started thinking how strange they must think I was. Or maybe I didn't want to show off at having such restraint. For a combination of both reasons, I said "Nital, I'm getting food." And I did. Only one plate (I usually binge on mac and cheese) so there was a tiny victory in my failure.


Was it worth it? I have to go with "yes it was" because it is the only option. I am not going to regret it.


The first Whole30 was so much easier to stick to. This is my second failed attempt at a 2nd Whole30. I will start again in September. I turn 40 in August, so there is some celebrating planned that will involve non compliant things I'm sure. Okay that is all.

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