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Day 26-Went from feeling like a million bucks to total garbage. HELP!

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For the last several days I have been struggling getting out of bed, I wake dizzy and nauseous, "bathroom issues"and generally feel lethargic and cannot exercise. This is a far cry from the "tiger blood" phase I have been experiencing since day 5. Although I havent weighed in I know I dropped a good amount of weight and have gone down a full pant size.


A friend of mine mentioned that I may have a problem with Keytones or perhaps I could use blue green algae or probiotics which I have no clue if they are compliant.


If anyone thinks I should type up a typical day of food I can do that too. Any help would be appreicted. I have 5 days including today and I NOT giving up but I am getting concerned I am somehow screwing this up and I dont want to do any damage.



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We need to see what you have been eating to offer any intelligent advice, but given your symptoms my concerns would be that you are not eating enough generally, you are not eating enough starchy veggies, and that you may need to drink more water.

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I figured as much, and will type up a daily apx meal list...but I have to admit that Im just not as hungry as I was when I started so my portions have become notably smaller. I often dont finish what I thought I could. I assumed it was part of the hormonal signal-body is nourished, stop eating. Anyway, a typical day for me looks like this ( I am a nerd and included pictures! Ha!):


Coffee with unsweetened original almond milk or homemade coconut milk

lemon water-I keep a 16oz cup with me at all times and refill with fresh water all day.


2 freerange eggs from backyard hens, fried in light olive or coconut oil

4-5 shitake or portobella mushroom sauteed with two handfuls of spinach

3-4 strawberries


chicken or tuna salad loaded with celery and onion in home made mayo in 4-5 ettuce wraps

or 3 homemade chicken strips with spiced almond flour coating and a tomato cucumber salad with a scoop of homemade mayo to dip


if a snack is needed (I suppose if I ate more for lunch I wouldnt need a snack but I dont want to stuff myself either) I may have apx4-6 roasted hazel nuts, 1 fig ir date or 1-2 dried mango slices, or a hardboiled egg and orange pepper slices


cedar plank salmon lemon salt and pepper

sauteed kale and chard from my garden

1 scoop of fruit salad consisting of berries, watermelon and grapes


or ground turkey loaded with mushrooms peppers, tomoatoes, spices, coconut aminos

over a big salad with avocado


or chicken or shrimp and veggies in a spiced coconut sauce over cauliflower rice


I of course have eaten more than this but this is a basic plan that myself and my family have very much enjoyed (with their side of rice or pasta lol)


Im wondering if its the sugar from the mangoes or OH I had a "treat" last night, while I know protien shakes are off limits, I did make this and split it with my husband after dinner. Smply because I know I didnt make enough dinner. One cup almond milk. One banana. 1 cup ice chips. sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice. It was so good! Could the sugar from half a banana make me feel this crappy??? I just don't know. Also, I recently added the almond milk and almond flour into the mix. Could this be a culprit? Along with these general feelings of lethargy, nausea etc I also have been having cravings again, in which I had not previously.


Any suggestions appreciated and thanks Tom, I will check out your recipies as well! :-)




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Good point! Amazing though, that it could cause such a strong reaction. Either way I ate super good last night and took probiotics (fruit/vegetable source vegan) and feel better today. I even was able to get back into my exercise routine. Nothing serious but just a 2 mile walk with wee one in the jogger. Some decent hills too. I feel so much better!!!

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