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Am I Eating Enough?

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Okay, let me preface this by saying that I KNOW Melissa and Dallas do not encourage calorie counting / tracking during the Whole30. And for the most part, I haven't been. But I got curious and plugged some of my info into MyFitnessPal, and found I'm only averaging around 1200 calories per day -- and some days I come in under 1000!

For reference, I'm female, about 5'6", and was 221lbs when I started the Whole30. I don't do any hardcore exercising, but I do ride my bike to and from work (5km each way).

A typical day of eating usually works out like this:


- serving of 'crustless quiche' (I make these weekly and one serving typically amounts to about 2 eggs, 1/4 lb lean ground beef, 1/4 large sweet potato, and a couple tbsp of salsa.

- coffee with 1/4 can of lite coconut milk


Salad with spinach, carrots, tomatoes or other veggies, and either chicken or tuna. Dressed with either paleo mayo (about 1.5 tbsp), or olive oil and vinegar (1.5 tbsp of oil)


Meat (chicken, steak, or pork, or sometimes salmon) - around 5 or 6 ounces, usually. Served with about 1.5 cups of veggies and some kind of fat drizzled over (either Ghee, or Sunshine Sauce from the Well Fed cookbook)

I don't snack anymore and honestly don't feel hungry, but everything in my conventional wisdom tells me I'm not eating enough calories. Of course, I'm more than willing to admit my 'conventional wisdom' might be wrong -- wouldn't be the first time! -- but I'd really like to get some feedback from others.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't think you're eating enough. Are you sleeping well? How's your energy?Do you have the book/quick start guide? Are you following the meal planning guide that M&D use?

I think that women in particular get conditioned to be content with not enough food. Provided that you're following M&D's meal template and you are not hungry or exhausted, I'd just stick to what you're doing for the rest of your Whole30 and start tweaking afterwards. Maybe add an extra egg or two in the morning?

The Whole30's more about your relationship with food, so it's important to get folks out of the calorie mindset. If you're really and truly not hungry and your energy is legitimately good, keep going!

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I think there are also ways to add some more fat (and calories to your existing meals). For instance...why are you using lite coconut milk instead of full fat? When you cook your protein, are you cooking it in fat (coconut oil, ghee, etc)? Are you adding avocado to dishes? I eat at least 1 (if not 1.5) avocados a day. These little bits add additional healthy fat to your diet.

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Thank you both! I think you're right. I realized I was eating a lot more fat in the first week (adding avocado to my breakfast, etc.) so I'm going to go back to doing that.

Renee, I think you make a good point that women get used to not eating enough. Especially we chronic dieters. :) It's sort of like "how little can I eat and still feel okay?" That's sort of what I've been doing, I think, although not consciously. I certainly felt OKAY but not as good as I could.

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I am on day 7 of my challenge and I have been wondering the same thing. As the chronic dieter that I am, I mentally added up my calories because I was worried about this. It seems that I am eating between 800-1100 daily. I feel fine (though the first 3 days were tough). My lack of calories are more due to the lack of available/convenient Whole30 foods...I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen! I also read somewhere to limit my egg intake to about 6 a week (and hard boiled eggs were going to be my go to convenient snack!). I also was taking about 5 or 6 hour long fitness classes a week before starting the challenge. I haven't worked out since I started because I am a bit nervous to do so with my low calorie intake.

So to sum it up...

- Am I eating enough?

- Should I be worried about my low calorie intake when trying to get in frequent visits to the gym?

- Should I worry about my lack of calcium? (I haven't been taking a calcium supplement, but maybe I should start.)

- Does anyone to know any resources for QUICK snack and meal options to boost our calories (particularly on the go!)?

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Don't worry about limiting your eggs. The dietary cholesterol thing is a non issue and is totally overhyped by the media. I go through a dozen and a half eggs a week, haven't worked out in six months and my lipids are beautiful. Seriously!

If you think you're under eating, you probably are.

Quick snacks: primal pacs, gourmet grassfed jerky, avocado tossed in a Tupperware on the way out the door so it doesn't get squished, hard boiled eggs, etc!

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