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Looking for inspiration


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I have fresh bone broth - lamb and beef.  I have ground lamb.  I have all kinds of veggies, both frozen and fresh.  I have fresh basil and fresh mint.


What I lack is inspiration.  I've been prepping food for a visit with my in-laws as there is no way we could do the usual restaurant tour with the state of my gut.  But, I forgot to plan food for us before they come.


I'm thinking soup.  Or patties.


Please, help. :)

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Wow, just asking you guys may have solved the problem.


I'm thinking a lamburger zoodle soup.  Brown the lamb with the seasonings I use for patties - rosemary, oregano, and mint.  Use my spiral slicer to make some sort of shape out of yellow squash, add kale salad blend, finish with mint, balsamic, and lime.


We'll see.

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Luleh Kabobs!!! I love them, it's a middle eastern thing. You could do them as patties or meatballs or kabobs. I Make a big batch of luleh meatballs all the time.  Sometimes I use beef because lamb is very expensive. But it's best with lamb or a mix of the two.  I don't follow any set recipe, I grew up making them with lebenese 7 spice, dried mint,  onions and egg.


 I did some googling and found this recipe that looks good. You can easily leave out the breadcrumbs and just use a little bit of coconut flour or almond flour. You could use no binder at all, too. If you choose not too, make sure you stick to patties or meatballs or they won't 'hold' to the skewers. There's a ton of recipes for them that can be easily modified. Search and find one you like! It's often spelled Lula, lule, or luleh. 





or this recipe. Leave out bread and use mint instead of parsley. 




and serve with 







and grilled tomatoes.


That would be a full on middle eastern feast!

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Sounds like a feast! I'd certainly be looking to do kebabs or burgers / (patties?) with that ground lamb and mint. And a soup with the veggies and broth - I love soups like that! Love the fact that I'm being forced to find new recipes too!

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