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First Whole 30!


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This is my very first Whole30 experience! I started a few days ago, but I'm officially setting August 30th as my goal date. I have read the Whole30 book, laid out a lot of amazing recipes, and found several good books to supplement my knowledge (Practical Paleo, Well Fed, etc.). I want to gain the following from this experience:


  • more energy throughout the day
  • weight loss (not drastic, just 10 lbs or so)
  • more intuitive relationship with food
  • diminished sugar/carb cravings
  • dimished reliance on gum/diet drinks/caffeine to get me through the day
  • better sleep
  • deeper awareness of my body's signals of hunger and satiation


Encouragement is deeply appreciated! I've always been interested in nutrition, but a full 30-day challenge is completely new to me. I'm nervous about relationships with friends/family in regard to food, cooking for myself and my husband (he's not doing the challenge), and learning to listen to my body's hunger cues. 


Any good tips on breakfasts-to-go? Some mornings I have to be up at 4am for work, and I don't want to wake my husband up with a blender or smells of eggs and bacon. I need something portable and filling, so if you have any ideas or recipes, please let me know. Thanks so much!

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Hi Kelly :)

For a portable meal 1 - you have heaps of options!

Frittata full of vegies, egg "muffins" cooked with (compliant) bacon around the outside, HB eggs with pre cut vegies or salad, leftovers from dinner. Mince meat (sausage?) cooked with vegies....

Don't forget to add fats - mayo, avo, EVOO, coconut oil/milk in coffee etc

You mentioned a blender - smoothies are discouraged so count those out for the 30 days if that's what you were meaning with the blender comment :)

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Hi Kelly!


Good luck on your first whole 30! I had a great experience on my first and am now starting my second. Personally, I did achieve all the things you list, but despite feeling so great my first time around, have not managed to keep at it. Support from others is a main thing and just as you, my significant other is not being whole 30 compliant with me, so even more reason to stay active and accountable here or in other groups online or irl. 


Let's do it!


Oh, and one of my favorites from doing whole 30 is having an "excuse" to eat soup for breakfast, I love it! Although the warm season might beg to differ, left-over curries or hearty soups are amazing to just heat up on your way out in the morning. Just bring it in a thermos or something! I usually combine with pre-cut sweet potato sticks or a handful of nuts in a zip-lock bag. Mmm... 

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