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Just saw a few posts about the mammajammas so I thought I would weigh in.  Plantains are delicious.  I like to slice 'em 1/2 inch thick, heat up some coconut oil, fry em till caramelly and delish and sprinkle salt.  Serve them with eggs, chorizo and butternut.....fabuliciousness!  But! They could be tossed in lime like our lovely Nadia G likes to do, or add some toasted cumin with the lime and possibly cilantro.  They are delicious with pulled pork, BBQ, Spanish, or otherwise. Also nice with Asian type dishes, toss with coconut aminos, ginger, and garlic, fry in oil and serve under a curry or with protein as opposed to noodles.


If you are eating sweet potatoes or other starchy veggies, use plantains where you would use those.  Delish and SUPER cheap! Enjoy!!

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