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Food 4 Thought - 2nd W30 4 AZ Gal


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I just wrapped up my very first W30 which I started July 1st, 2013.  During my first adventure, I participated very actively in the 'July 1 Start Date - Who's w/ Me' thread and also received the Whole30 Daily Emails.  I didn't log my food in a formal manner and the emotions and physical changes I was experiencing were documented loosely in my posts on the July 1 thread.  For my second W30 (or really, the extension of my first W30), I have decided to log my daily food intake as well as my thoughts/feelings over the course of the next 30 days to create a record of the experience and provide a better picture of this next round.  I'm happy to have others chime in on here and provide any feedback, input, advice, suggestions or whatnot!  =) 


I think the easiest way for me to keep track of each meal will be to create a post starting with breakfast each day and as that day progresses, edit that particular post to add in the additional meals/snacks.  I find that if I wait until the end of the day, I miss things so it'll be easier to track as i go. 


I'm looking forward to watching this develop over the next 30 days!

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Thursday - August 1:


(0530)  BP coffee - consumed during carpool to work and before Meal #1.


(0730)  Meal #1:

Two scrambed eggs w/ one grass-fed Applegate Farms hotdog chopped up & mixed in them

1/4 cup roasted spaghetti squash

2 cups fresh baby spinach layered underneath of the eggs/hotdog

Small handful black olives


(1330) Meal #2:

Sweet potato topped w/ grass-fed taco meat, ~2 cups spinach & small serving quacamole (~less than 1/4 cup)

Small handful black olives


(1745 - 1845) Spin Class.


Had a meeting with someone at the gym after spin class and forgot my post workout snack at work so I didn't eat my last meal until I got home.


(2000) I can't label this Meal #3 since I wasn't feeling like a full meal and only had what I would consider a Snack:

1 Chomps Grass-fed beef snack stick

Handful of organic baby carrots 


Have to go to bed now since 0430 comes early and it's now 2030.  I realize we aren't supposed to eat within a couple hours of going to bed however, with my schedule, it's kind of unavoidable or, at least I don't know how to accomplish that and still get the optimum amount of sleep.  If anyone reading this has a suggestion, please let me know.  Maybe a moderator can assist me with this problem?

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Finished Day 1 hitting my goal of no T.V. before bed and getting to bed at a decent time.  I still need to get to bed a little earlier though.  I made it to bed just before 2100.  To hit the 7hrs of sleep mark, I really need to be in bed no later than 2030.  This is definitely something that's a challenge since I don't even get home from the gym until 1900.  I will continue to work on it.


Day 2:


(0530) BP coffee for commute to work and sipping on it during the start of the work day


(0740) Meal #1:

3 scrambled eggs w/ 5-spice slow cooker pulled pork, over a bed of ~1.5 cups of baby spinach

Small handful of organic baby carrots

5-6 black olives


(1245) Meal #2:

5-Spice Slow Cooker Pork (Well Fed) mixed with a small amount of leftover scrambled egg, shredded sweet potato & spaghetti squash over a bed of ~1 cup baby spinach

~6 baby carrots

~7 black olives


(1730 - 1830) CrossFit WOD

1 'Chomps' grass-fed beef stick w/ misc. sweet mini peppers & baby carrots immediately following WOD (had to force myself to eat these since I never have an appetite after my WOD)


Wasn't hungry until late, late, late... I did my grocery shopping on the way home from my WOD then started in on my food prep once home.  I wasn't hungry until I was lying in bed around 2330 so, I decided to go to sleep and eat upon waking.

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Day 2 was a very good and productive day for me!  Felt great to have the grocery shopping and the bulk of my food prep done before my weekend even began!  I also was able to get one of my big batches of protein prepped and started in the crockpot before going in for OT this morning so, half of the protein prep for the week will be finished with very very minimal effort on my part!  Yayyy!  Now... on to Day 3...


Day 3:


BP coffee for commute to work & sipping on throughout morning


(1013) Meal #1:

3 scrambled eggs w/ pulled pork, shredded SP & spaghetti squash over a bed of baby spinach

Handful of black olives

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