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Newbie--what's on your must have list?


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I have already purchased grass-finished beef and will be getting my pastured eggs at the market this Saturday. What are some other staples that ya'll recommend? i have a huge list of veggies to get tomorrow, as well as coconut milk. I feel like I don't have enough meals planned and am scared I will fail. Could you give me a rundown of what your typical day looks like?

Also, I am planning a trip to Trader Joe's (over an hour drive), anything awesome I should pick up? My main reason for going is for butter to clarify. I have searched locally and cannot find anything organic/pastured. I was planning to look for bacon there as well. What else?!

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Right now, I'm making enough at dinner to have leftovers to eat for the next day's lunch. And big salads are easy for me to make on the weekends. If it were me, I'd just see if TJ's has grassfed ghee, I don't have time to/don't want to mess with clarifying my own butter. And I have also given up on bacon until after my Whole30 is over (I'm on day 8, but have been Paleo off & on since 2009). I found some at Whole Foods that didn't have any nitrites/nitrates, but sugar was listed in the ingredients.

Have you ever seen Kerrygold butter? It is from grass-fed cows. I hear people say it's at Costco, but we only have Sam's Club here. And I haven't been there in over a year to see if they have it or not. I'd add avocado to your shopping list, but I love avocado! :)

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I've found that having chicken thighs and breasts cooked up and ready to go has been a huge bonus-especially in the summer! It's easy to put together a meal and I can grill up a bunch of it one day a week. Also, we clarify our own butter-it is very quick and easy to do-we usually melt 4 sticks in the microwave and let the milk fat settle then pour off the clarified butter into a tupperware container and refrigerate. Less expensive than buying ghee.

When you get all your veggies, cut them up and store them in tupperware or ziploc bags, then they are ready to go. And boil up some eggs so they are ready for a quick protein boost if you need one.


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My advice is to just be extra careful reading labels at TJ. My experiance is that they still have tons of unheathy food and lots of processed stuff but since its from Trader Joe's many people think its okay. My help has been thinks like apples/celery and nut butter, macadameia nuts, and prunes to curb my sweet cravings and snack cravings.

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Trader Joe's has the best price on coconut oil if you don't want to buy online. I also buy frozen fish fillets there as the prices are very reasonable. If you want some nuts, they have good prices on those too.

I also buy almond butter there. They care SOME organic meats, but not a whole lot.

Definitely read the labels on everything! The bacon has sugar. They do carry Adell's sausage and some Applegate farms stuff, but some of these products have unwanted ingredients.

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the staples i buy from trader joe's include:

- applegate roast beef, which i've used for a meal in a pinch (rolled it up with mashed sweet potato) - no added junk or sugar. very helpful.

- bagged avocados (the cheapest i've found).

- same goes for their almond butter.

- their canned coconut milk is also the cheapest i've seen, and it's the only one i've seen without guar gum or added sugar.

happy hunting!

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I like that this post pops up from time to time as I think my list changes...but...

  • coconut oil. Lots of it. While I prefer clarified butter, I run out often and I'm lazy and coconut oil is easy to cook with.
  • ground beef. I keep a lb or 2 in the fridge every week because burger patties or ground beef with fajita or taco seasoning is quick and easy
  • cherries. Because they are in season, rich in antioxidants, and eating around the seed means that I can't devour the whole bag in 2 minutes (it takes 5 so I still need to be careful).
  • a basic cut of steak that I can cook with some onions or with some eggs or fajita style when I need a protein to add to a meal. I usually buy some more expensive steaks when I want my meal to be a steak (like rib eye) but I keep some cheap stuff around too.
  • lots of cauliflower...I mash it with ghee and garlic and I'm fairly addicted to it.

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I learned to LOVE TJ sardines this year. No more canned tuna for me. Cheap, high protein, good calcium and omega-3s, low mercury and ready to eat with a spoon. Plus they are yummy in lettuce wraps too.

Hope your Whole30 is going well!

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These items are usually in my house:

I always have ground beef, ground pork, various compliant sausages, chicken breasts, chicken thighs and compliant Applegate lunch meats in the fridge or freezer. I always have around 3 dozen eggs on hand. (Hardboiled eggs are a great snack.)

Almond butter from TJ's. (I am not a fan of Trader Joe's and only go there for their cheap almond butter.)

Purchased online at either amazon or iherb, or purchased at Whole Foods or local Health Food store:

Fats: organic virgin coconut oil, Pure Indian Foods Ghee, NOW brand mac nut oil, California Olive Ranch olive oil. Spectrum Toasted Sesame oil.

Native Forest Canned coconut milk.

Let's Do Organic Coconut Flakes

Organic frozen: broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, and diced sweet potatoes

Muir Glenn fire-roasted tomatoes

Cashew Butter (I get mine at Whole Foods. They have various nut grinders in the store.)

Organic canned pumpkin

Frontera Salsa (no sugar)

Mediterranean Organic Olives

Bubbie's Pickles

Mediterranean Organic Roasted red peppers

Coconut Aminos

Pure Wraps coconut wraps

Whole Foods German-style spicy mustard

Cucina Antica Marinara Sauce (jar)

Organic sugarfree applesauce.

Mediterranean Organic sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

Penzey's or Frontier spices and dried herbs from Penzey's

Celtic Sea Salt

Maldon Sea salt and smoked sea salt.

Organic coffee

Various organic teas

I think that's all I can think of right now.

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