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August 1st. Starting Whole 100. Feeling ambitious.


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I have previously completed a whole 30 and a whole 45. I am really bad off the whole 30 meal plan, and decided to go all in for a whole 100. I am also doing a 100 day burpee challenge, which I think will actually help me stay on track because I need to mark my days off on my burpee calendar. 


One issue I already see in my future, the Minnesota State Fair. We are regular fair goers and plan on going this year as well. I will be considering my choices that day, but who knows. Maybe I can find some great Whole 30 approved options there as well. And avoid the inevitable post-fair stomach ache. 


Goals: I need some time to really focus on my health. I have 2 kids, a full time job, and we run a small farm on top of that. I do NOT spend a lot of time focusing on my health. Stress and lack of sleep controls my eating habits, and since doing my last whole 30 in March I have gained about 20 lbs. I think my stress and lack of sleep often leads to eating at night, and eating a lot of carbs and sugar, which generally makes me feel pretty lethargic most of the time. 


Starting in September my job is being cut to part time. At first I was not very happy about it, but I am looking at this as an opportunity to focus on some of the other issues I have been dealing with and spend more time with my kids. 

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