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Arabella's Whole30


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Hi all,

I am just finishing day 12 of my first Whole30. I've been transitioning to exclusively whole foods for over a year for health benefits. I read about paleo when I decided to try eliminating gluten and dairy to tame my seasonal allergies. Much like my first attitude about other dietary lifestyles, I thought it wasn't for me, but once I took away the perceived 'hype' I realized that I was already eating that way for most meals.

The last three months have been full of travel, spending money (!) and personal and professional stresses so once I took I deep breath I knew it was time to go for it. It was good timing too!

Although I am not doing this for weight loss, the first week I was obsessive about weighing myself. That was more of a habit thing first thing in the morning I didn't resolve before I started. The actual eating and choice making has been 'cake'. I finally got a grip and took out the battery and put it in another part of the flat so I wouldn't be tempted. Even the SWYPO is mostly in check. I had some almond meal leftover from almond milk that I whipped up into very bland cacao, coconut and goji bites. I was surprised I transitioned so well with the elimination of sugar because the week before I was scarfing millionaire shortbread squares. Yes, life was a bit out of control back then!

My fruit intake has been low-moderate this time around because all of the lovely offerings this season. I've been focusing a lot more on portion control with fruit to not let it get out of hand. The next Whole30 I will give it a miss all together and see how I can really tame my sugar beast. Fortunately, I had no really bad habits to break foodwise and my mind is in the right place.

My birthday is on day 25. Initially, I thought I would keep it up until then, but now I may go a Whole31 instead!

I'm trying to work on going to bed earlier. I sleep very well ordinarily on my usual 6.5-7 hours but it would be nice to try and be a go-getter morning person for a change.

I look forward to getting more tips off of this forum!

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I survived the annual pot luck at work. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single thing to eat besides the cucumber salad I made. The desserts were a fab display as always. Something I've noticed about my experience with eliminating on the Whole30 is that I can imagine exactly what it tastes like and that is enough. I am also trying to practice mindful eating (or imagining!) and when I do, it has nice benefits.

I also like the mantra that I don't ever have to eat anything I don't want to eat. I haven't told anyone close to me that I am doing the 'Whole30' because I would prefer not to hear the 'oh, I couldn't possibly do that!" criticism so I just say that I am taking a break from the chaos of the last 3 months of excess as my birthday is coming up and I want to be in a better place in myself.

I am still waiting patiently to see the life changing benefits of the Whole30. I don't have a specific expectation about what that will be . I am more organized with my eating now and I make sure I have my meals prepared the night before during the work week. Something else I noticed is that I am more calm about the small tragedies in life. For example, the blender knocked a plate I bought on holiday off the counter and it shattered. I just picked up the pieces and accepted it. That is the kind of thing I would have upset ordinarily.

Well, today is day 14. :-)

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Day 15 - halfway there!

I've noticed that I've been frequently tired on the W30. I usually get 6.5 -7 hours of sound sleep a night. I don't feel any different if I have 7.5 or 8 hours so I'm happy with that. I am an unlikely morning person either way.

Today I slept in until 11am so ended up having two meals today with plenty of protein and veg.

I bought some sirloin steaks today at a local country farm shop. I rubbed some lavender sea salt rub on it before I cooked it. Delicious! I loved the subtle taste of the lavender with the juicy meat.

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The sirloin with lavender salt sounds so good! I love good salt.

It was lovely. It added an unexpected sweetness to the meat.

Day 16 - I woke up with an extremely bloated stomach and fiercely constipated. I am on day three of my cycle which makes this even more unusual because aside from mild cramps it's generally smooth moving.

Today was rough and topped off by a sinus ache, quite possibly from the change in weather or my favorite excuse, hormones.

I went home after work and took a long nap. My stomach is still in pain and even passing gas is painful. I will do some yoga poses to relieve some of the pressure and have an herbal tea before bedtime. Then up my water tomorrow and make sure I have a balance of foods.

Dinner was nibbles from the salad I made for lunch tomorrow. The idea of eating has put me off tonight.

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That you Derval. I feel a lot better today.

I haven't been talking about my eating habits around the office but the usual people who notice stuff like people's weight have commented, so it must be working. I tell them it's not a 'diet' just a choice of not eating all the sweet stuff in the office everyday. I am in the closet about it being paleo especially when someone went on about a friend doing the 'cave man diet'. I much prefer just eliminating the processed stuff and making better food choices. Still raised eyebrows.

Lots of stress going on in the office at the moment, but I am in such a good place and managing my stress (my workload no so much, but hey). I just wished I wasn't so tired! I am hoping that boundless energy will kick in one of these days. :)

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Hey Arabella, I'd definitely either try to get more sleep, or better quality of sleep. Typically we want folks to be in the 8-9hour range. (btw, I have to say that personally I didn't notice any difference in 6.5hrs and 7.5hrs. Once you pass 8, it's a whole new world)

But more than that, quality is a big deal. Make sure your room is COMPLETELY dark with absolutely no light seepage from street lights or electronics in your room.

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Thank you Renée Lee. I think generally my quality of sleep is good over quantity. I usually sleep with a pillow over my eyes and don't notice the light in the morning until the alarm goes off. Physiologically I have to wake up after 6.5-7 hours to use to the toilet and when I have the luxury of a couple more hours, I can usually get back to sleep no problem. Any sleep over 8 hours usually wakes me in a weird dream, but less than that I never remember anything during the night.

I will set my goal to sleep earlier than midnight ... oops it's nearly Cinderella hour now! The evenings are too short!

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Day 30 is finished!

I have doubts I did it 'right' but if I wasn't 100% compliant foodwise, I was pretty darn close!

I know I did not succeed about staying off the scale and looking back that was my only lament... not the glasses of alcohol or delicious smelling cakes even on my birthday! But I did it to improve my health on my birthday.

I lost about 8lbs and dropped a dress size. I have less all over body bloating (which I love!) and clothes are fitting nicer. Since the new year, I've lost about 25lbs through healthy eating and I can hardly believe that. I haven't revealed my numbers to anyone, but it has been nice receiving compliments.

I am not sure how I will carry on. It is easy living this way at home and generally okay when out with planning. I have some gluten free grains in the cupboard I'd like to use up before I commit to this lifestyle for the longer term. I'll give it a couple more weeks and see if any more magic happens. I'm still waiting for the increase in energy! I am a lot more calmer though and less stressed.

I am scared to go back to sugar... not the white stuff, but honey and maple syrup mmmmm! I didn't notice any significant dragon slaying so I am not worried about that.

My goals the next time around are 1) to not weigh myself! 2) reduce fruit and nut intake more and 3) more sleep and perhaps 4) portion control. I didn't go crazy on snacks and I mostly stuck to the recommendations for serving sizes.

I ate more meat that I would ordinarily do, so probably something else I would keep an eye on for budget sake.

It was a good experience!

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