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Time to take Paleo to 100%

Tansy Arron

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So, I found the whole30 right after breakfast yesterday and decided it's past time I take the paleo/primal thing all the way. So, from July 11 to August 10. (if I've got my math right)

What really surprised me is that my other half has made the decision to join me (though he's only quitting the booze after a the party this Friday.) and wants to make it a whole 60. He wants to figure out if his persistant acne and miriad food allergies will react positively, and I want to feel alive again and drop the 20lbs I've put on since starting to work night shift/living a sedentary life in NYC.

So, in addition to the whole30, I'm looking for a new job, (with normal daylight hours) and spending two sessions a week with a personal trainer plus some extra cardio and heavy lifting at the gym.

Starting pics and stats to follow when I find a measuring tape and my camera man gets home.

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Thanks all :) I'm really excited about it! We took "before" pictures this morning and also hit the gym to see what our max effort was in the hopes it will improve with the change in eating and all the extra exersize.

My bests:

Squat: 115

Bench: 65

Deadlift: 140

Pull up: 4 reps, with 90lbs of assistance.

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So, at the moment I'm working night shift and we have an open house 4 days a week, which means 3 days a week I'm getting between 3 and 5 hours sleep because I have to get up before a bunch of strangers invade my apartment. Any how, Today, under the influence of heat, extreme tiredness and weird girl hormones I broke and ate a pint of ice cream.

Now I feel really ill and jangly after so much sugar.

Starting over from today. The darling other half is still doing well (his downfall is that not being a cook, he doesn't realize that salami and meat balls aren't just meat) but craving poptarts and beer.

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