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My Non-Dirty Whole30 August


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Hey, here's my log. All these posts have been copied from my blog because i'm too lazy!



-DAY 1-


Woke up late today, after a sleepless night.

I was very stressed out. I was being kept awake, bothered by the idea of 3 daily meals. I train at night so won't have time for 3 meals, let alone 5 when i add the pre and post workout! (I work out from 7-10pm and eat on an empty stomach to avoid vomiting and a splitting headache. And i'm talking no food for 6 or more hours beforehand). There goes my plans of being 100% adherant… Though, if i think about it, i never thought about meal frequency, or exercised for a second during my first Whole30. I still lost 6lbs that month. I need to stop being such a negative Nancy. I did great back then. I'll try stick to the 3-5 meals, but i need to accept that I can't always do that.

After the meal frequency crisis I had another thing to worry about. Stock or broth! I refuse to cook flavourless meals but finding a Whole30 compliant stock is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Dayumn, I forgot how stressful this was.

Anyway, after searching all my local health shops I found nothing. All of the stock and bouillon contained some form of grain or sugar. I gave up hope and resigned to the fact I had to make my own. *GASP* The thought of this terrifies me. I have an irrational fear of animal carcasses, so cooking them would freak me out. I hate being reminded that its a dead animal in front of me. I feel a sense of vegetarian-like guilt and disgust…. yet i like meat. Yup, my crazy knows no bounds.

I'm thinking I may eventually face that fear though, and get Shane to deconstruct the skeleton for me.

Now I'm after veering off topic. I never was much of a storyteller. Where was I?

Oh yeah, the hunt for Paleo stock.

I got fed up and thought I'd have to live off boring meals for the month. I went on the Tesco website to see if they had any Paleo friendly stock in the foreign or specialty groceries section. Turns out that Knorr Simply Stock, one of the most common brands in this country, has no crap ingredients. I did a celebratory dance and got my ass down there.

Here's the ingredients list. Looks promising:


Concentrated Chicken Stock (6.5%)


Vegetable Juice Concentrate (Leek, Celeriac (Celery Root), Carrot)

Spices (White Pepper, Clove)

Herb (Bay Leaves)

Amazing right?!

I'm glad I can relax now. After the stressful day, i didn't cook anything too fancy. Shane, being the lovely guy he is bought us a new frying pan. Its non-stick and its amazing. I usually make eggs that look as if they have been cooked with motor oil. Vile things that burnt and got stuck to the bottom of the pan. This pan makes me feel all fuzzy inside though, and not the fuzzy feeling you get from food poisoning. The egg slid off the pan onto my plate ever so gracefully. There was no scraping bits off involved. Oh look at me getting all excited over a pan. I feel so grown up!

I suppose I should mention what i ate today:

- As a snack, I ate a Nakd Bar. (I know its got fructose but I was in a hurry.)

-For my 3 meals, I ate something I thoroughly enjoy:

  •   3 eggs
  • an apple
  • a carrot
  • 2 thumbsized servings of cashew butter

All of this was cooked in yummy coconut oil, which I really must resist eating with a spoon!

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Thanks for sharing the chicken stock find! I'll end up making some from scratch this weekend but I was trying to find a clean stock or broth to have on hand and was having a hard time with it. Rachael Ray's brand looked compliant but then I re-read the ingredients and one of them was simply "flavor". hmm... Anyway, next time I will look for Knorr's.

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