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Blueberry love


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Day 1 food log

meal one

4 eggs scrambled with red and yellow peppers, red onion, blueberries and a dollop of wholly guacamole

Bulletproof coffee (on commute to work )

Meal two

Bad ass salad

Spring mix

Baby spinach

Romaine iceberg lettuce and cilantro

Ground lamb ( with onion and garlic and cumin)!

yellow grape tomatoes, red onion, yellow and red peppers snap peas avocado .... And blueberries

Balsamic reduction and hazelnut oil drizzled over all.

Meal three

Zucchini soup

2 grilled chicken thighs

And I tried really hard to work blueberries into the meal... (They aren't a sugar or sweet thing.... It's a texture thing. I think.

Good mood and patient all day... No cravings... Except that i truly believe that blueberries make everything better!!! No between meal hunger pangs .... But it is 730 .... Not dark , and I'm ready for bed.

This whole 30 is going to be interesting... Started having perimenopause symptoms ( hot flashes) a month or so ago and I quit smoking 2 months ago ( leading to some weight gain/ fat redistribution and TMJ symptomsand I'm studying how to make Paleo lifestyle/ food something that is sustainable.... Cheat days and percentiles do t work for me....but I look and feel worlds better when I don't eat SAD

I will track my progress / food and feelings .... and exercise ðŸ˜here .... Hopefully!

Hilarious that kill all the things will be on Monday!

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Surely you could have sprinkled blueberries on to your soup? Hehe...

Sounds like a great day of food....and blueberries. We don't get fresh ones very often as they cost an arm and TWO legs for a tiny punnet. I can justify frozen ones regularly though, and love them :)

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The grocery store I frequent ( fry's) has pints of blueberries for $1.25 each... Nom! I need to stock up and freeze some!

Stupid easy Paleo posted a pic of an egg scramble with blueberries during her whole 30 which I was sure was plain crazy ....but was dead wrong!) BTW The silky gingered zucchini soup (the clothes make the girl) is possibly the most delicious thing I have put in my mouth.... No blueberries necessary!

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Yesterday's food log is MIA ...

Worke up headachy and late. ( not surprised) recovered and had a good productive day.

Meal one

Zucchini soup with ground lamb

Meal two

Bad ass salad

Spinach, spring mix, romaine etc

Peppers and onoo, snap peas, grape tomatoes, and blueberries with shrimp and "ranch" dressing

Meal three

Same as above minus ranch added wholly guacamole

Meal 1 day 3

Last of the zucchini soup and ground lamb and fresh pineapple

Meal 2

Fajita veggies and blueberries and 2 small grilled skinless boneless chicken thighs + wholly guacamole

So far today ive Made chicken thighs,sweet potatoes and kahlua pork is on its way into the crockpot. And i need more zucchini soup .... So it is on my to make list for this evening.... When the temp drops below 100!

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Kathy- i love . love. love. bulletproof coffee! It makes me feel amazing ( steady energy and mood ) and after my morning cup and a big bulletproof coffee I don't need to drink coffee the rest of the day ( and I was a dawn to dusk coffee drinker before my first whole 30.) it also helps with cravings and in getting fat adapted. Day 3 and I am feeling like I'm burning fat again ( after an awfully floury off road)

Appetite is under control no cravings. Love BP COFFEE!!! How are you making it? Maybe you could use a recipe tweak.

The zucchini soup is Crazy good and easy . It is from "The clothes make the girl" blog ( my food guru who wrote WELL FED)

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Day three over ( for consuming food) staying up late to make a big batch of zucchini soup

Meal 3

Chicken thighs x2 in hearts of romaine with red onion and cilantro

Sweet potato ( fried in coconut butter)

Handful of blueberries ... And a few chunks pineapple

I think I'm wanting more fruit because its so warm.... 104+ ??? I have never been a fruit eater....

And I think all the salads are giving my digestive system a work out! And my digestive system is not happy about it! Going to try to take s break from big ass salads next week.

Tons of yummy food in the feidge and pantry ....Still no plan! This is something I really want to improve on this time around.

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Day 4

Kill all the things. Not really a problem this time around, I feel pretty good. Not hungry no cravings. Read something last night about fructose malabsorption ...and am curious if my tummy troubles are due to all the fruit ( blueberries, pineapple) I've never enjoyed or consumed much fruit. So I am taking a break from blueberries etc, and research enzymes.

I'm also craving kimchee. ( very vivid delicious dreams and intensive google searches. This is very strange because I really do not like anything fermented maybe my body is earning a hint?

Meal one:

3 eggs and a bowl of zucchini soup

Meal two

Kahlua pork and sweet potatoes

Iced coconut latte

Double strength coffee, coconut h20 and a tablespoon of coconut milk on ice)

Meal there ( in a couple hours)

Kahlua pork

Cilantro and red onion

Plantain tostones

( and maybe 😄zucchini soup)

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Day 5

Had one fairly bitchy interaction today ... Not sure if it is day 5 kill all the things or carpool politics

( stay at home moms vs working single moms)

Stayed up too late watching shark week. (And had trouble waking up)

Meal one

Scrambled eggs with fajita veggies and wholly guacamole

Bulletproof coffee ( saves the day)

Meal two

2 chicken thighs

Big bowl of zucchini soup

Meal three

Kahlua pork salad

Apple shallot celery raisins blueberries lettuce and cabbage with mayo nom!

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