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Day 2, Digging Right In


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I started reading ISWF at the weekend, stocked the fridge at the farmer's market and Whole Foods on Tuesday and started Day 1 yesterday.

I am looking to reduce inflammation (knee injury that seems to not want to heal) and balance my hormones (perimenopause has murdered my metabolism.) I need to get back into the gym, I love lifing heavy, but unless the leg heals, I'm stuck.

I'm a foodie and I love to cook! I'm used to doing batch cooking, just had to tweak the recipes a bit. I made a muffin tin full of mini-frittatas and a sweet potato and pork hash with celery and onion. Also made a squash and chicken coconut curry for tomorrow night's supper and there's a beautiful grass fed roast in the crock pot with tomatoes, onions and fresh basil. Cauliflower and a green salad will accompany. The leftovers will get stuffed into zucchini boats at the weekend.

I feel the aches of detox coming on, but that's a good sign. I've done stints of grain, sugar and alcohol free but the no dairy is an adjustment for me. I miss my pastured butter!

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