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My W30 Data


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Weighed and measured today and can't believe the results!


lost 13 lbs


chest -3 inches

waist -3 1/2 inches

hips  -3 inches

thighs -1 inch

arms  -i inch


total 11 1/2 inches reduced


It's pretty amazing to me that it can go that quickly and I know that with continued W30 eating/lifestyle, things would slow down considerably.  But I had really gained a lot of weight and all of it fat.  It feels so good to be healthy and moving in the right direction!


After a two week vacation with my family, during which I will try to do reintroduction, I plan to come home and do another W30 and then will most likely eat paleo to maintain this amazing feeling/lifestyle.  Thank you ISWF! :)

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Me again.  I was just working out, and was thinking I recorded what I "lost" but not what I gained.  Here goes (and you've heard it before!):


dramatically improved sleep

no more plantar fasciitis (after 7 yrs)

no more tendonitis

skin brighter

no more psychological dependence on that glass of wine

improved athletic performance

improved mood, even energy throughout the day


Yep, pretty convinced this is the way to go!

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Did you keep a food log? What was your exercise regimen like during this time? And...where are you going for vacation? I'm doing a "WHOLE 25" because my husband and I are going on our honeymoon (Rome). When I return I will be doing a Whole 30. I'm not weighing myself until my doctor's appointment on September 17th (halfway through my post-honeymoon Whole 30). That should be exciting. After gaining 20 pounds in ~9 weeks I'd be happy to see half of that gone after a total of 6 weeks of Whole 30 eating. 

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Hi Runninglawyer88.  Sorry I left on Aug 3rd for our vacation to rural (and I mean rural and isolated) Colorado.  So I couldn't do any posting as I had no internet or even cell reception.  It was marvelous to be unplugged for two weeks.  I wasn't able to do a proper re-introduction while away and plan to do another W30 starting on September 1.  What I do notice is that the inflamation and bloating is back, after including some dairy and gluten/grain back in my diet (and sugar).  To answer your question, I didn't keep a food log exactly but sometimes posted my meals on a thread which included people that all started around the same time as me.  That was helpful.  And for exercise, I do weight training (using TRX) 2-3 times per week and interval cardio workouts 3-4 days per week, always in the morning before work.  I really enjoyed my W30 and look forward to the next one.

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