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Day Two for Me


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Hi there, I'm stopping in to introduce myself! 


This is Day Two of my First Whole30, although I have been flirting with paleo for a few years.  I think that is right.  Anyway, over the month of July I went more seriously gluten free, sugar free, and mostly grain free as a prep for doing the whole30 August 1st.


Yesterday I was on a pink cloud, nothing seemed hard.  Today I woke up early and rushed to the bathroom - my body is confused by the extra veggies, I guess, and the lack of dairy.  Anyway I'm uncomfortable this morning and have changed my breakfast to something with less veggies as I wait and see how my belly is.


A few months ago, I got a scare about high blood sugar, and that is one of the things that has made me more serious about all this.  My weight has been very high since I had my kids, but until my blood sugar misbehaved I was under the false impression that my health was just fine.


In this last month, however, just removing some of the problem foods - wheat, in particular - has brought my A1C back almost to the normal range and I was taken off the medication!  And my blood sugars are lower than on it.


I can't wait to see what this month will bring.  This stomach thing is not going to be my undoing.  In addition to participating in this forum and reading my daily email, I have two co-workers who heard what I was going to do in August, googled paleo, and decided to join me.  I've never had people in my life who were paleo in any way before.  I'm taking it as a positive sign!

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