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I am on Day 3 of my second Whole 30--the last one was in Feb/March.  I asked then whether there was anyone else with dysautonomia, and I want to ask again this go around. Anyone else out there doing this?


I'd love to compare experiences.


I also have: fibro, migraines, low blood pressure, high HR, TMJ, IBS, allergies, high cholesterol, and lots of other stuff, but dysautonomia/POTS is what really keeps me down the most.


I had somewhat helpful results with my first Whole 30, especially in the area of reducing my migraines from near daily to only 4 days of 30, but I got impatient with the reintroduction and gave in about day 45 and ate teriyaki and rice (sugar, soy and grains at once, oh boy). Something made me really sick, but I don't know what.


So I'm back again to do it right. Hoping anyone else with dysautonomia might be here to discuss the unique trials that come w/ this rare disease.

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My son and I both have dysautonomia. I have a number of other chronic health conditions, including long-term (and late diagnosed/treated) Lyme disease, daily headaches/migraines, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, thyroid disorders, reactivated/persistent cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, chronic fatigue, cervical and lumbar facet pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease, multiple GI disorders, and more.


I am on medical grade compression stockings and multiple medications for dysautonomia. Helps me quite a bit, but still have very limited orthostatic tolerance. Have not noticed any improvement in those symptoms on the diet. Have you?


I am on Day 49 of the strict program, and have only noticed some very slight improvement in my overall energy. Biggest improvement by far to date is in diminished pain and increased functional capacity in my hands/wrists. No changes in other pain conditions yet, but being able to use my hands without pain is huge. First time in many years and I'm so thankful for it!! 


I've lost 11 pounds so far (out of about 40 that would get me to "ideal" weight in mid-healthy BMI range), and know additional weight loss should help with knee and foot/ankle pain, but haven't seen improvement there yet. Trying to be patient and stick with it.


I'm sticking with the program to see if I can achieve additional improvements in my symptoms, and for additional weight loss.


Dysautonomia is tough, and others don't understand it well. I was diagnosed more than four years ago, and have been monitored/treated closely since, but have only achieved minor improvement. It can be tough at times. Hang in there!

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I have dysautonomia and POTS as well. Had lyme but went into remission (hopefully for a very long time). I also had Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome when I was younger, so my dysautonomia is probably related to a mitochondrial issue, but i don't know. My worst  symptom is definitely the fatigue, and my legs sometimes won't hold me because they are tired and heavy so I can't really walk well. My HR definitely got worse the first few days of the program, though there were other factors (there always seem to be when symptoms get worse!)


I'm on day 6 so I don't know how it will go. Don't feel any increase in energy, and don't think I've lost weight, though of course I don't know. I gained a bunch of weight from lyme treatment, so I really want to get it off. Though I've heard that weighing less can make symptoms worse. Do you know if that's true? Anyway, have you had any improvement (or worsening) of your POTS symptoms with Whole30?

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