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Hi everyone!


I just started today, Aug. 3.  I was going to wait, but after reading all of the success stories about clearer skin, more energy, better sleep, etc. (oh yeah, and LOSING WEIGHT!) I decided I didn't want to wait.


And just to make sure it would be tough, my roommate went out and bought two stacks of homemade cookies.  I'm trying to forget they exist. 


I have had many successes losing weight and improving my health in the past.  I lost 70lbs with the combined efforts of weight watchers and calorie counting, and found my symptoms of PCOS to disappear along the way.  So I am very familiar with the aesthetic and healthy benefits of losing weight.


Two years I quit my job (former music teacher) to go back to school for nursing.  During the way, my eating really suffered, and I packed on about 20 more pounds.  In May I graduated, found a job, and last week I passed my boards.  Yay!  So, with those things in place, it is time to focus on ME.  


Things I like about this program is that I don't have to weight myself!   :)  I'm looking forward to not having an unhealthy relationship with food (and sugar)...despite my previous successes I still am obsessed with food.  


I currently am working as a nursing assistant before starting work as an RN in September in the very same unit (ICU) where I work now.  We all work 3 12 hour shifts per week.  I have been more successful than not at bringing my own food.  Our cafeteria actually has very good food!  (especially the pizza!) But they also have options for W30 compliant food if I get stuck.  Breakfast always has hard boiled eggs and a fresh fruit bar; lunch/dinner always has the salad bar with plenty of veggies, protein (hard boiled eggs and chicken, sometimes tuna); and red wine vinegar for dressing.  


I have my first two nights shifts coming up though, and I'm worried about that particular challenge.  At least the cafeteria will be closed!   ;)


I'm also an avid tennis player, and I'm looking forward to the energy boost that will help me motor around the court!


I went to Trader Joe's today to get some things to get me started.  I'm very fortunate in that I have a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods both close by...also, some of the larger grocery stores in the area carry better brands that will work with a W30.  


Good luck to everyone!


Edited to add:  I am also very interested to see what will happen with me digestive wise...I've had increasing problems being regular.  I don't go at all during a work day, but on my day off, I go a lot!  Perhaps it is just a stress thing.  My own personal choice to get things moving when I need to is simply a cup of coffee.  Works like magic every time.  So much so that I do not drink it regularly, or else I'd have the opposite problem.  

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'breakfast' - I hadn't gone grocery shopping yet, and since my decision to start to day was a bit spur of the moment, I had an apple pie Larabar.  I know they are only supposed to be in an emergency, but I also know I will need to rely on them at work from time to time.  


Lunch - Salad made from organic romaine, chicken, roast beef (apple gate sliced roast beef, just one slice), pomegranate seeds, carrots, tossed with olive oil/vinegar


Lunch #2? - two eggs in coconut oil over salsa, cherries


Dinner - my roommate helped me out on this one - grilled tilapia, piece of grilled steak, grilled carrots/mushrooms/turnip; she prepared them in olive oil and seasoning


Snacks - raw almonds, one more slice of roast beef, a pear


Plenty of protein, need to get the veggies up!  And keep ignoring those darn cookies!

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hi topaz!


can I just say - the previous plans you tried weren't actually successful....or you wouldn't be trying this one!! developing a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and good relationship with food will make such a huge difference to your long term success :)


if you look at the 3 actual meals you had (i'm not sure the larabar counts!!) - try to make sure they fit the template!


-you may need to add a little more fat to your salad (avo, or mayo, or olives - something that wont just coat the bowl) and add some more substantial vegies to make sure it fills you up.try to aim for at least 2 cups per meal. 

-a serve of eggs is usually as many as you can hold in your hands - more than likely 3-4.

-your dinner may also need a little more fat, the grilled vegies probably didn't absorb much of the oil they were prepared in.


try to stick to the 3 meals per day, according to the template - protein/fat/vegies. if you need to snack, this should follow the same guidelines, just a mini version :) sticking to the template will make ignoring the cookies a whole lot easier! try to include starchy vegies too - they'll help a lot with energy - sweet potato is a popular choice :)


there is a blog (nom nom paleo perhaps?) written by someone who works nights - it might be helpful to you, or someone else may be able to suggest how/when to eat. i'd try and do lots of prep at once so you have easy access to proper meals and don't have to think too much when you're busy.

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Restarted yesterday...I'm aligning my 30 with my roommate being gone for 3-4 weeks.  So, no more cookies or junk food tempting me in the house.  I chucked it all as soon as she left.  I also was able to more properly prepare with some shopping and cooking.


So today is day 2, and I've had diarrhea all morning.  Which, actually, is the opposite of my usual problem!  

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