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I'm writing this because I need to tell someone who would understand and luck you get to read it!  I've made it day 29 as of today and I'm honestly afraid to add things back in.  I've had a history of food allergies and know that many of the ingredients eliminated in my W30 must have been causing some issues in the past, I fear finding out which ones like me and which ones don't. 

In 29 days I've lost inches (not sure how many, just know my cloths fit differently), I've felt my work outs get stronger causing me to have the confidence to push my comfort zone and work harder, my results are noticeable already to others and I certainly have more energy, sleep better and feel less attached to food (less hungry and grazing all the time).  And I do feel I've learned how to eat correctly which is not something I really understood before.  I was the typical "good day" in ISWF.  I thought I was eating healthy and really I was not. 

So all in all I've been very happy with my W30.  I think I've decided after I finish the next 15 days (or however long it takes me lol) of adding things back in I maintain the W30 lifestyle. 


Here's why I'm so proud...

I had a very very had day yesterday and considering I had a food dream about yesterday almost a week prior I should have been more prepared.  I went to a picnic and I didn't pack a cooler for my car because last year at the very picnic there was a beautiful fresh salad with dressing on the side, as well as a fresh fruit salad and grilled meats.  I was sure the same would be served this year.  Imagine my surprise after planning my meal at the imaginary table when the real table had pulled bbq pork, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and pasta and potato salad!!! The feeling of defeat was HUGE.  Then the anger with myself for not packing a cooler for the car was even worse.  To add insult to injury I am sure I have not completely beaten the sugar dragon.  I've decided sugar will be my last add in and it will not be in the places I have learned I don't need it (black coffee for life now).  The dessert table was full of home made cookies, cookies with oreo stuffing, home made cake etc.  OMG! Hungry and sugar!!!!!!  31 days ago I would have said screw it and had a burger with pasta salad and a cookie and reasoned with myself that it was ok since it was all that was served and at least I didn't have multiple cookies or cake. lol  That did not happen yesterday!

I wasn't giving up at day although I didn't have much to work with I also didn't do anything wrong.  I had two hamburgers with mustard, lots of lettuce and onion (read the mustard label and even asked about the meat and it was to my joy grass fed).  I sat watching everyone eat all of the sweets and never lost control although man was there an internal struggle.

I left the party knowing that I need to always have a back up in my car and unsatisfied food wise BUT happy that I didn't give in and won the mental battle.  I even put myself to bed a little hungry and today is a new day that's already started out right!


Thanks for reading my rant!

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well done for getting through the picnic - you made the best choices you could from what was available, and congrats for not giving in to the tables full of sweets :) you can be proud in the fact that you avoided all of those things, and that you also feel healthy today because you avoided them!


i guess reintro is helpful to know how certain things effect you - you may find some things aren't going to cause you issues, so don't need avoiding, and the reactions you get from other things will allow you to decide whether the pain is worth whatever you want to eat!

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You did a great job. I know the fear about adding things back. I completed a whole 100 in April and have had some difficulty learning how to "ride my bike". But the experimentation has left me with a great understanding of what makes me less healthy. Now I am doing my 3rd W 30 for a tune up. Just remember this isn't a diet-- it's a lifestyle that you customize for yourself. But it takes work even after the 30 days.

My first W 30 turned into a W 45 because I was afraid to add back anything. Then I found that I really could do without my formerly beloved dairy (except for ice cream) and that sugar made me feel awful. I never added back gluten either. This doesn't mean that when I was experimenting with riding my bike that I didn't eat a bowl of pasta at a great Italian restaurant.

Anyway-- I could write a whole book about my journey. Read the post W30 forums and you will find all kinds of great advice about people's post W 30 journeys.

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