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Slow Carb Diet to Whole30


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Last November (2011) I started the Slow Carb Diet (SCD) as outlined the book 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris. I eventually modified my diet to be a little more paleo by removing legumes and the weekly cheat day.

I've had some success, lost almost 30 pounds since starting and am wear 34" jeans vs 36".

A few weeks ago I picked up Robb Wolf's book and started listening to some of his pod casts This week I picked up and have read It's Starts With Food and believe that I want to try my Whole30.

I am planning on Monday, July 16 to be my day one.

Has anyone else moved from the SCD to Whole30? If so, how was your experience?

Giving up my rye whiskey will be my toughest challenge, but believe it will be worth it!


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