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My 2nd Whole30


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Today is is day zero of my second whole30. I didn't log the first and made it most of the way 100% compliant. I had a glass of champagne on Day 27, so I only really made it 26 days. This time, I hope to make it the whole 30 days. I started my first at 172lbs. Two months later, I start round two at 156lbs. I didn't have an exercise regimen the first time. This time, I will exercise deliberately.  I didn't take measurements the first time around, but this is me now: 


Height- 5'10"

Weight- 156 lbs

BMI- 22,4


Neck- 13.5

Chest armpit- 39

Bust- 40

Chest band- 35

Rib Cage- 36

Right Arm- 12

Left Arm- 12

Waist- 33.5

Hip- 41

Right Thigh- 21

Left Thigh- 21

Right knee- 14

Left knee- 14

Right ankle- 7,5

Left ankle- 7.5



Cylce to work at least two days a week

Yoga three times a week

Daily meditation (at least 10 mins and more when I can)

eat all meals at the table without distractions that aren't stimulating conversations with my family

no screen time 1 hour before bed

8 hours of sleep every night


Ultimate goal- back to fighting shape before embryo transfer planned for November


Headed out do my shopping and meal planning. Will take before photos later.


I am keeping this log to keep myself accountable and not fill up my personal journal with health obsession. 

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