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Handball camp


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Hi guys.


My name is Julia, I am 22 years old and from the North of Germany. 


I started my Whole 30 on the 31st July. I am feeling so good and I am so sure that I will complete the Whole 30 this time. I don't have any cravings and I don't miss anything. I already "survived" two social events - an open-air festival and a party from a friend. I just stick to my prepared snacks (hazelnuts, eggs and some carrots).


I will be at a Handball camp from the 16th till the 18th August. I think it could get kinda hard to stick to the Whole30 at this weekend but I know that I can stick to the Whole 30. Do you have some ideas what kind of food I could prepare and some other tips? I thought about some meatballs, cooked eggs and nuts. 


Thank you!

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Hi amberino.


Thanks for your fast reply.


We will self-catering on Friday - but I don't know which food we are going to buy. But as we leave Germany around 7 pm I will take a salad with chicken and ham with me. On Saturday we are going to eat dinner at a teammates house and breakfast on Sunday. But as well I don't know what this will be - but probably bread and stuff...I have training tonight and I'll ask if there are any facilities that I can use. 

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