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Salmon patties without sweet potato


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I pretty much mix up one tin of salmon (213g it says) with one egg and then add herbs or spices (sometimes ginger and spring onion; sometimes parsley) and use that - though they tend to be crumbly when cooked.

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I throw together:

 one or two cans of salmon (or tuna if I don't have salmon)

2 or 3 eggs

one cup of parsley or cilantro or even fennel tops

one Tbls coconut flour (if I have it), 1 Tbls almond flour (if I have it) you need at least one of the flours to stick everything together

And whatever spices.  I like them spicier so I use a mixed spice blend (costco organic salt free)  and some chili powder.

Mix all together.  Oven 325-350 for about 25 min. or until golden.


Yes, this is how I cook and it turns out amazing!!!  Try it...so yummy and forgiving.

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