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Whole 30 attempt 5, Day 1


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Monday, August 5, 2013


Breakfast: Chicken quarter, black coffee


Lunch: 3 eggs, 3 bacons, 1 cup spinach (sauteed in bacon fat and then scrambled into the eggs)


Dinner: Chicken, fresh spinach, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, banana


Snacks: Cashews, one ounce olive oil


Last night I slept badly...my nose was stuffy, I had to get up to go to the bathroom twice, and getting up triggered heartburn. I downed a couple of Tums and got back in bed, thinking about how when I used to eat paleo this kind of thing never happened. I stopped when I moved in with my then fiancee, now husband, and have never gotten serious about it again since. I still have terrible allergies and need to lose eighty pounds, but for the past couple of years I've been telling myself "It's too hard, you tried it so many times and failed every single time, it's just not worth trying anymore." While I lay awake last night trying to find a good breathing spot I vowed I would change my lifestyle so that this needlessly crappy night would never be the norm again. So here I am.


**Next day update**


I still had that killer heartburn last night, but I think that might be due to overdosing on coffee. I had a cup in the morning, then one before work, and a double shot of espresso on my break. It felt good to eat real food all day. When I finished my dinner, I had a feeling of well-being, as though my stomach was telling me "good job, that was the right stuff in the right amount!"

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Hi, just popping in!


Some feedback/questions on your day 1 meals to help you succeed going forward:
- breakfast: add some veggies. Shoot for 1-2 cups of vegetables per meal.
- the bacon you had at lunch - was it Whole30 compliant (i.e., sugar-free and no other nasties)?
- the balsamic vinegar at dinner - was that Whole30 compliant (i.e., no sulfites or sugar in the ingredients list)?

For snacks, they should be a mini meal including a protein and fat. Nuts are considered a fat on the Whole30, so your snack was essentially 2 fat servings.

I hope this way of eating helps you with your allergies and other health concerns.

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Thanks for the feedback! I looked at the label for the vinegar and is sugar free, but it said it contains "Naturally occurring sulfites." I thought sulfites were all added in chemicals, does sulfite-free vinegar remove the sulfites in some way? Or is that "Naturally occurring" line just a lie to keep people using it? I threw away the label for the bacon (I keep it in a tupperware instead) but considering it was from Sam's Club I think it is probably not compliant. I am getting used to being able to eat fruit and veggies again after trying a ketogenic diet earlier this year, and am definitely excited about incorporating more of them.

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