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My First Whole30


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Good afternoon, all.  I am on day three of my first Whole30.  I have been consistently dieting for my entire adult life and have lost and regained weight a dozen times with calorie counting and "all things in moderation" plans.  So, it's time for a change.  I am hoping to become much more intentional about my food choices, set a good example for my daughter and quite honestly, lose a few pounds.  While I have no chronic health problems, I do experience a lot of hair loss, occassional dizziness and mild acne- if some (or all) of that goes away- even better.  So, those are my goals.


Here's my food log for the day....  I would love to have suggestions and input from the experienced folks out there. 


m1- 2 egg scramble with loads of kale, salsa and half an avocado, 1c raspberries, black coffee

m2- romaine, carrots and shredded chicken breast, topped with half an avocado and 1T lemon garlic dressing (TessaMae's), half a roasted sweet potato

snack/preWO- pistachios, apple

m3- pork chop, sauteed apple & onion, roasted broccoli w EVOO


I am trying to keep the template in mind when planning each meal and loading up on 1-2 c of veggies.  Again, any meal ideas or suggestions are welcome.





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Trying to remember my food for days 1 and 2 to complete the log....


Day One

m1- steak, fried egg, watermelon, tomato slices, black coffee

m2- apple with almond butter (m1 was big and late in the morning)

m3- grilled salmon, sauteed zucchini, baked sweet potato


Day Two-

m1- 2 egg scramble with kale and diced tomato, grapes and blueberries, coffee

m2- large salad with chicken breast, salsa and avocado

m3- leftover salmon and sweet potato (very early in the day)

snack- apple, almond butter, date

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Hey there! I m also in my first Whole30! 


I think it's wonderful that you're trying to set a good example for your daughter. She would definitely want you to take care of yourself, and having extra energy to play with her is good, too ;)


How are you feeling so far?

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Hi Amanda!

Your meals look pretty good - I would make sure you're getting enough protein at breakfast. If you're only having eggs, have as many as you can fit in to your hand (at least 3!)

Make sure the fruit isn't pushing vegies off the plate, and always have your fat!

If you do need to snack, or if you aren't hungry at a particular meal so want to have something smaller, have a mini meal of protein/fat and vegies instead of fruit and nut butter.

PreWo should be fat/protein, then postWO will be starchy carbs and protein - definitely have both if you're working out :)

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Thanks, Amber. I know my default is to reach for fruit, so I definitely have to work on that this month.

Do you have some good snack suggestions to share?

I don't snack....it's not recommended, so I just never let myself!

HB eggs or tin of fish in oil with vegie sticks would probably be the easiest option...or leftovers :)

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Do you have some good snack suggestions to share? 

Before you reach for a snack on a Whole30, first ask yourself if you're hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli. If the answer is no, then it's just a craving and you're truly not hungry.  Do something else non-food related.  

If the answer is yes, here are some snack possibilities.  On a Whole30, you want a snack to be a mini-meal including a protein and fat.

- leftovers from previous meal

- hard boiled egg(s) with avocado and sliced pepper

- sardines with sauerkraut and olives

- tuna, chicken or salmon salad made with paleo mayo and a sweet potato


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I am reading the book as I go.  So, last night I read the chapter about assessing hunger and deciding if it's a snack or craving.  Honestly, the hardest part for me will be eating the right way- sitting down at the table, not gobbling things quickly on the run.  I eat dinner nearly every night at the table with the family- breakfast and lunch are usually a different story.  So many new habits to form...

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Day Four (at Summer Camp for work, some choices were influenced by that)

m1- 2 HB eggs, watermelon, banana, coffee

m2- chicken breast, salsa, avocado on lettuce wraps

m3- grilled chicken wings, grilled squash

snack- pistachios, apple


Day Five (back at camp!)

m1- 2 HB eggs

m2- grilled pork chops, grilled squash, raspberries

m3- compliant hot dogs, large green salad with balsamic and olive oil, grapefruit (planned)

snack- pistachios


Tomorrow, I am focusing on increasing the green veggies and elminating snacks.

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I haven't keep up with my log, but I have remained compliant.  It hasn't been as tough as I expected- no carb flu or major cravings.  Three big challenges for me- baking a cheesecake for a coworker's birthday, visiting my mom for her birthday, and baking a peach cobbler for my husband.  I was always the first to indulge in sweets, but I abstained.  :o)  I am now at the halfway point and still going strong.


Just to keep with the log thread-

M1- 3 hb eggs, sliced tomato

M2- beef roast with carrots and onions, sautéed broccoli

M3- shrimp curry served on a bed of sliced carrots


The curry was by far my favorite whole 30 meal so far.  My husband ate every bite of his, too. 

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Yesterday was a good day!

M1- a bed of sautéed kale topped w a pork chop and half an avocado, black coffee

A trip to the Little Gym w baby girl for an hour if fun

M2- a big green salad w sautéed shrimp and heirloom tomatoes topped with homemade ranch dressing, blueberries on the side

Then a trip to our local science museum for baby girl's NICU reunion. I skipped the ice cream truck out front!

M3- hamburger pattie, avocado, ranch and sautéed onions in romaine lettuce wraps

It fed great to be halfway through Whole30! Two weeks to go!

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Thanks, KC!


M1- 2 hb eggs, cherries, cucumber

M2- shredded chicken, avocado, cucumber

M3- big green salad w oil&vinegar, olives

M4- shredded chicken lettuce wraps w avocado and salsa, almonds

I went to the supermarket to stock up on a few more veggies. I need to drink lots more water from here on out.

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Day 23 for me. I had been lazy about food prep and ate way too many hb eggs yesterday because I didn't have other compliant proteins ready. Today, I am cooking up a storm!

M1- homemade sausage, fried egg, sautéed apples and onions, coffee

M2- roasted cabbage, sautéed onions, homemade sausage

M3- well-fed recipe for best chicken ever is brining in the fridge plus roasted Brussels sprouts, zucchini hash

Wo- 3 mile walk pushing the sweet baby in the jogging stroller

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Snow, I have! Clothes fit better, there's definitely a few pounds gone. Skin is clearer than it has been in a while. Generally more energy and better sleep, too.

I have lots of leftover chicken in the fridge for tomorrow and I am excited about that!

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Today is #25! 

m1- hb eggs, banana, coffee

m2- roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, chicken breast with olive oil dressing

m3- grilled pork chops, snap peas, roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts, salad with basil and lemon dressing

wo- two mile walk with the family

Tomorrow is a long, long work day with an event in the evening.  Lots of non-compliant food around.  No slip ups after 26 days for me!

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Day #29

M1- ground pork hash w butternut squash and onions, banana, tomato, fried egg, coffee

M2- grilled burger w onions, avocado, green salad w o&v

M3- amazing ribeye grilled w mushrooms and onions, sweet potato, salad w o&v, cherries

WO- 2.5 mile walk w family

Day is my final day. Not sure that my life has changed but I am feeling pretty good. I'll probably reintroduce some dairy tomorrow. No rush on anything else though. :0)

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