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Started yesterday- 8/4- So far, so good!


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Have been reading about it for awhile, a friend started a few days ago at the request of her PT ( she has arthritis issues and some other ones.) so I decided to go for it, just a bit behind her.


My wedding is coming Nov 30 and i've been doing the "low fat/low carb" thing off and on for awhile and kinda stalled, so i'm looking to reset everything, retrain my body, and if I loose a few lbs- that would be awesome (have about 150 that need to come off anyway.)


Mostly though, i just want to FEEL better, have more energy, not feel so "ugh" so much, ya know? This all certainly makes a lot more sense to me than drinking a few diet shakes a day then eating a "real" dinner, and it's not really that restrictive I don't think...  (maybe bc I'm only day 2!)


Anyway, hi! :)

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