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Worst cramps I have ever had

Emily T

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Since I went off birth control last year, I got worse cramps and a heavier period on days 1-2, and then by day 3 it virtually disappears. Cramps were worse initially but went back down. Now in my whole30, that did not change, but I was bloated, constipated, and in so much pain this time around. It was horrible. I never experienced cramps of this nature - I was actually late to work! 


I really hope it evens out next month!

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as many women here on the forum can attest to...your first period on the whole 30 is likely to a trip on the crazy train. I would say the majority of women it is worse and it is often off schedule (early/late). This is totally "normal", your body's hormones are finding a new balance. Most women see significant improvement by round 2.


Crazy how much food can impact your hormones so quickly huh?

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