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Day 1: Tasty, but it was a lot of (mental) work!


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Day 1 is in the books and it was a smashing success, but seriously was I ever tempted to snack (I didn't)! I wasn't hungry between meals, but I wanted to eat! I think that I must like to “chew†while I work, because I was not hungry at all, waddaheck!?! Today, I awoke with a bit of a headache; in fact the headache is what woke me up at 530am.  I've had my breakfast – my gosh it was so delicious (I mean really delicious – when did eggs become so yummy?).


Today will be a challenge, I have to work, I have a headache and I'll be out of the office all day to travel to the city for our new condo's final inspection (yay!). I am planning and setting myself up for good, healthy food choices today. I can do this, I will not fall pray to food boobie-traps!


Cheers to Success,


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