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Missing a period

Lhasa mama

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May be it's too soon to say since I am only about a week behind but I have always had my period on the day I supposed to, so it's getting me little nervous.

I don't take birth control pills, my fiance is away for  two month for a work trip, and I had my period last month (So, no, I am not pregnant). The only change in my life is a diet change to paleo in the past 3 weeks.

I am not under eating and my appetite has been good.

I haven't had any sugar cravings, I had some energy up and downs but everything has been pretty good so this comes as a little bit of surprise. 

Has anybody had any problem with period?


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I haven't had a period since February :( For me it was because I do very intense workouts and for a while I stupidly cut my calories to 1,300 a day to lose weight for a vacation. Once I got back and realized how stupid my approach was I hopped on the Whole30 band wagon. My period hasn't come back yet but it's only been a little over 2 months that I've been eating according to the Whole30 guidelines so I think it will probably regulate. 


If eating this way is a somewhat drastic difference to the way you used to eat it might be a cause. I wouldn't worry yet but if you miss another one or 2 more then you should probably see your OBGYN

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This happens to a lot of women. Your first cycle on the whole30 is likely to bring a host of changes. Just goes to show how much of an impact food has on your hormones! Scary right? Try not to stress over it! You know you are eating for health. Your body is just trying to find a new balance. 


It will work out. Keep on keeping on!

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What typically happens with diet changes is that the sudden change in food freaks your body out.  It assumes the change in diet has to do with some sort of stress.  Think caveman days - when the body perceives itself as being under stress, guess what?  It doesn't want you to get pregnant!  Pregnancy creates a huge stress on the body in itself, so as a defense mechanism, it delays ovulation.  The body wants to save resources to deal with the stress.  No ovulation means no pregnancy.  Once your body realizes the change in food is great, ovulation will start to happen again.  Once you ovulate, your period is inevitable, typically within 8-14 days.  Do you track your ovulation symptoms at all?  


So, two things to take away from this: 

1.  Once your body realizes that the change in diet is a good thing, your cycles should start to normalize.  (If they don't, investigate your carb intake.  Too low carb can cause cycles to disappear, too.)

2.  Be extra careful once your partner comes back from his trip, assuming you don't get your period by the time he returns!  Delayed ovulation means it could happen later than normal and if you're not careful...


In my observation on this board, those that are on hormonal BC typically tend to get their period early on their Whole30 (hormonal BC typically prevents ovulation so the above explanation doesn't apply) and women that aren't on hormonal BC are typically late.  Look around, you'll see it's not just you!  

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I am going through the same thing.  Despite being on BC, I started spotting early on during the Whole30.  Now I'm on day 30 and my period was supposed to come 15 days ago, and there's still no sign of it (I went off of the BC after the last set of pills, so it's not that preventing it from returning).  It's pretty fascinating to have some real, concrete evidence of how what I'm eating affects my hormones!

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I am also going through something similar.  I am on day 10 of my first Whole30 and am on BC.  I started spotting 3 days ago, which never happens.  I am on week 3 of my bc pills so am getting sort of close to when my period is supposed to come but I never spot beforehand.  Glad to see this post to know it just isn't me!

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