can I drink Perrier lime?


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The only Perrier we get here is plain so I don't know what's in Perrier lime and I can't make head nor tail of their website. When my stomach is upset, I find sparkling water like Perrier easiest on it. I often add a slice of lemon or lime or orange for flavour.


i used to have horrendous stomach issues pre W30 and, yes, W30 really helped with them so good luck, i'm sure it'll help you too.

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" How about the Pink Grapefruit Perrier? "

You just need to look at the ingredients list. Even if someone in Kansas says yes, you need to make sure the one in your area is compliant. Renée, a mod, and I discovered my Starbucks Roobios tea had Stevia, but hers did not.

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