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I'm on day 2 and have had a headache all day... :-(


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The head ache has left (for now).  I worked out last night after posting and fell asleep.  I am doing much better today and looking forward to getting home from a long day at work.  I hardly ever take lunch at work so fitting in the meals and remembering to drink lots of water is a challenge, but I will make sure I make the time, even if I have to schedule water and meals reminders on my calendar.    My daughter in law just weighed today after doing the program for 30 days.  She looks absolutely wonderful and I am pinning up her before and after pic as my inspiration to stay focused.  I'm determined to ROCK this!  BTW, she is going into another 30 days and I am getting my daughter to do the same.   Too bad we don't all live in the same location, however, it's great to have the support here and with the family. :)

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