Bone Broth question (never made it before)


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I had some bones which I roasted with some tomato paste on them, found out they had quite a bit of meat on them so I ate that. Now I'm left with bones with a tiny bit of meat on but also quite a bit of fat.


Do I toss them all in the slow cooker as is or trim off all the excess fat so that it's just bones? And also, will any meat bones?


I know it these might seem like silly questions but I've never made this before. Thanks.

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I make bone broth without trimming meat or fat. I use a mixture of whatever bones I have. When bone broth cools, excess fat will congeal at the top and you can discard it if you want. I usually cook with the congealed fat or add small pieces of it to a mug of broth before heating it in the microwave to drink.

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