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Day 3 - Feeling a Stressed, need suggestions


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Okay - day 1 and 2 are history and its all good. No headache today - yay.  I feel really good, my acne is all ready improving and my muscles which felt tight two days ago are feeling less inflamed. 


Today is the start of our big move to our new home in the city. Everything is packed.  I am not feeling stressed because I am missing my old unhealthy convenient way of eating ie: rice cakes, bread and PB, protein shakes (thank the lord that is behind me). I am stressed because for 2 days I am going to be on the move - without a kitchen or any sort of way to prepare my own food. 


I am looking for suggestions - fruit, boiled eggs, nuts... Of course I can read packages for non-compliant ingredients, but I am wondering if anyone has any (eating) suggestions for me for the next two days while I watch my husband down Whoppers and Pepsi?


Thanks team!! 




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will you have access to a cooler? salads would last a couple of days in there - you could take tins of fish and HB eggs for protein, along with avo and EVOO.


or - take your protein and stop in at supermarkets along the way and buy simple salad ingredients?

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