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A few questions(randomly connected)

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So I have been 99% compliant since early April(I recently have added 1/2 glass of wine 3 times a week or so). Other than that-compliant. Feeling great overall and have not added back any food groups for the most part. I have a few random questions:


Magnesium-I have added at night for sleep and/or constipation. Does this need to be taken daily to be effective or  is it OK 3-4 times a week?


Melatonin: I have been needing a RX sleep med for years so I am trying to get rid of that. I take time released melatonin several times a week-for it to be most effective, does it need to be taken daily or is PRN OK?


Weight loss: I have been happy with the weight loss I have had thus far. This last month, the scale has been up 3 pounds then down 3 pounds(can fluctuate like that in 24 hours)-thus the magnesium addition. I pay attention to the scale due to my joint issue and it is good for me to keep track of "pounds per square inch" on my bad hip. I am not throwing out the scale-just coming to understand it is a tool, not something that dictates my day. For further weight loss-what suggestions do you have(break this plateau). My daily meals stay about the same.......


Breakfast-3 eggs and veggies(differs but all compliant) Coffee or tea with CM.

Lunch-fruit, ground turkey/veggies. Could be tuna salad but I have one piece of fruit here.

Pre WO-boiled egg

Post WO-carrots/fruit on the drive home from work OR handful of almonds/fruit

Dinner-large salad with chicken or salmon or compliant sausage.


I am training for a couple races in the fall so I train close to 2-4 hours on my days off(3) and 1-2 hours at work averaging 10+ hours  a week of running, biking, swimming, weight training(sorry NO CF)


I appreciate your time and suggestions!

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I'm not sure about the supplements, but I don't think you eat nearly enough, even before all the exercise!

Your meals sound low in fat, you could probably eat more pre and post WO. Your postWO contains no protein (it should)! You also don't mention starchy carbs, but I'd be eating them at least once a day as well.

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Your body needs magnesium, so taking the supplement every day is a good idea. And, the magnesium will help with sleep (and probably constipation) only on days you take it.


Modern life is hard on melatonin levels. You would probably do better taking it every day.


Your post workout meals should not include fruit, but a stachy veggie like sweet potato and some lean protein.


For the amount of training you are doing, you are probably not eating enough. That may be why you can't lose weight. I know it sounds perverse, but if you don't eat, your body becomes stingy and holds onto fat more tightly. And I don't buy that you need the scale to protect your hip. For that matter, I have seen dozens of people start losing weight only when they stop watching the scale. It is along the lines of a watched pot never boils.

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Thanks all. I do have  a sweet potato 2-3 times a week, starchy carbs in the form of butternut squash usually at least at one meal. I do eat protein after the big workouts(ie long bikes of runs) but not as good after the shorter ones.


I will be more consistant with the Melatonin and magnesium as well. Thanks again

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