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Whole30/ paleo for weight gain

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Hi there,

I've been eating 90% paleo for a month now and have this week started the whole30 programme. Apart from having some minor conditions myself ( sinus, bloating etc) which I've seen a huge improvement my question relates to my father.

To keep me on track I've been reading many of the testimonials for this type of a lifestyle and feel my father would hugely benefit. He has type 2 diabetes, arthritis and psoriasis. He is an easily stressed person. His job is very physical but as it is his own business and source of income he cannot give it up. He needs to make major changes to his lifestyle and health ASAP. I'd like to recommend whole30/ paleo to him.

However I'm concerned about any further weight loss. He is already underweight and could benefit from adding 20lbs to his frame. My take on this type of healthy eating is that for whatever reasons you undertake it you will always gravitate towards your healthiest body composition even if that means putting on weight.

Does anyone have any experience to support this or recommendations as to how to put on weight with whole30/ paleo.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your feedback.


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I think that eating this way would be good for anyone. Just taking all the garbage out is huge. Someone who is underweight already might need to eat some more nuts or other concentrated sources of calories, but I suspect you are right about the gravitating towards healthiest body composition.

Convincing some one to follow a diet if they aren't interested is futile though. You can provide the information, but don't get emotionally tied into whether he goes for it or not.

Added: If your dad has lost the weight recently, he probably needs to see his doctor too. Quick weight loss is a problem sign for even type 2 diabetics.

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