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Yesterday was Day 60! Results and Pics :)


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I have completed Whole 30 through 60 days straight! It's so funny to think I only started doing this because of my husband deciding to start it and I was not very happy about it. I guess everything happens for a reason! I have been so happy and feel so much better because of being more aware of what I feed my body.


First for the non-weight/inches results:


I was thinking on going on depression medication before I started Whole 30 because I was letting my mother's death in January 2012 still consume some days and could not focus on anything. I was very irritable and had no patience.


NOW: Even though I am still very sad about my mom passing away, I do not let it consume me. I might cry here and there a little, but that is normal. My patience and focus has also improved. I feel no need to go on any medications!


I was very self-consious of the way I looked. It was bad enough to where I thought some of my friends didn't want to hang out with me (fabricated in my mind) and my lack in self-confidence was very very low.


NOW: My confidence is MUCH better now. I don't feel embarrassed of myself.  I still have a long way to go, but I know I will get there.


My wedding ring falls off my finger if I walk with my hand open (better get that sized ;) )


I used to do a 17:45 minute/mile when trying to jog/walk (not much jogging)


NOW: I can jog ONE HOUR straight - no walking or stopping at all. In that one hour I do between 4.15-4.30 miles. It is still a slower jog than elite runners would do, but it is great for me!! Oh yeah - and I have worked my way up to do a plank for a 2 minutes 6 seconds!


Now for the weight/inches results:

  • Day 1 Weight: 239.5      Day 30 Weight: 221.3     

Day 60 Weight:  209.5
I lost 30 lbs!!

  • Hips -  4.5 inches!!
  • Upper Ab - 4.5 inches!!
  • Mid Ab - 2 inches!!
  • Lower Ab -  3 inches!!
  • Thigh -  2.5 inches in each thigh!!
  • Calf -  .5 inch in each calf!!
  • Arm - 2 inches in each arm!!


So in summary, I have lost 30 lbs and 19 inches in 60 days! I am more active than I have been in years and so incredibly happy. I am going to change my lifestyle to paleo for now, but whenever I need a jumpstart or start to feel myself slip back, I know Whole 30 guidelines will always be there for me to start up again. I plan on doing Whole 30 one or two months each year as well.  I want to be a healthy mom to my two little ones!

Here are my photos! Thank you for all of your kind words in my earlier posts! I wish you all the best in your Whole 30 journeys!!

I also added a picture of me trying on clothes at the store :) I can wear size 16 in dress pants and 18 in jeans. Size large in shirts. It is much more fun going shopping now!!





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Wonderful! It's impressive enough that you lost 30 lbs and 19 inches in such a short amount of time. But even more impressive is how you've completely changed your outlook on life in a couple of months. So very happy for you! Thanks for sharing your joy with us :)

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Thank you so much everyone for all of your kind words. I am just in disbelief that my life has changed so dramatically in a few short months. I will post my progress again soon because I am getting VERY close to another big milestone!!!

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