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Whole30 Day 0


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:D I'm a first time Whole30 participant and a bit nervous.  I live with others who are a bit weary of my Whole30 participation so it will be a bit of rough going due to a mixed food house.  I've read the timeline and nervous of the journey ahead of me. 


I am also excited to embark on this journey of obtaining optimal health and to test my nerves.  I will miss my raw milk dairy and OWW in the morning but will committee to the "rule" for the Whole30 days.


I will incorporate phyical activity, ok, I will force myself to do some physical activity during the program.  I am stressed out at work and just want to flop down on the couch and veg.  All that is over for the next 30 days and all the support material for this program is great!


Ok...1 day and a wake up til I begin this journey of self-discovery and mental nerves.


:ph34r: Henfrilangy

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Day 0 for me too and also in a mixed house hold! I have been "practising" for the last couple of months but have not yet fully committed to the giving up of all dairy and all treats- dark chocolate, so here goes for 30 days!

Have already seen and felt the benefits of the changes I have made, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol,  no added sugar, but the next steps seems bigger somehow. the meals are amazing, loving the Well Fed recipes, so now I am keen to change the behaviour once and for all....scary stuff indeed

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