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Revelations during a BAD week


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Long story short, we lost our beloved dog this week(our child in almost every sense of the word). We have no human children so he was our center.

Anyway, back to whole30 revelations. I had several bad meals this week-icecream, candy, fast food just because I wasn't in a place to plan and cook and we all know we need to plan and cook  with this way of eating.

I have decided that it sucks. The Dairy queen sundae, the chik-fil-a sandwich, the fries and even the oreos sucked. None if it tasting like I remember it. Unfulfilling is an understatement.

I have been eating the whole 30 way since April and I believe my whole body has changed now and it craves good things now, not crap.

Right back on the wagon today-no cravings at all. Not missing a beat.

I suspect I will have ups and downs coming up, of course. Maybe I will eat something off plan, maybe I won't. Probably not.......

Stay with it folks, your tastes will change over time. If I can change, anyone can.

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Hang in there. 2 years ago I lost my cat that I had for 19+ years. He was my baby. I bottle fed him as a kitten. I went into a bad depression after that. We did get two kittens a few months ago that have helped me a lot. But it is hard, take it easy on yourself, but delving into W30 could help you.Best of luck



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