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People in the Washington DC area

Emily T

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Just curious to see where people in DC get their stuff! I do not have access to a car, so whatever is metro accessible or walkable is where I can go. The below is a list of the best places so far for me - but if you live in the area, I'm curious to see where you go and also - WHERE do you buy eggs? 


Eastern Market: I live literally next door to Eastern Market so I have been lucky enough to find high quality produce there during the farmers markets every weekend. I love seeing the produce change from week to week! Make sure to go Saturdays when they have all the different lettuce pots :) Full list of vendors here:


Indoors they have a little Korean market indoors which sells a lot of dried herbs, spices, and canned goods (including coconut milk and curry paste) - I believe prices are comparable to most supermarkets. For the post-30, if you don't mind dairy, there is a GREAT cheese place (Bauer's I think) that sells slab butter and cheese and will always give you tons of samples.


Edited to add - Agora Farms at E Mkt has grass-fed butter (lightly salted so I don't know if its good for ghee) and really great (and I mean REALLY FREAKING GREAT) yogurt (made with whole milk) for after your 30. I really like yogurt and do not have a dairy sensitivity so I am definitely looking forward to eating this again. They also have grass fed beef jerky, not sure of sugar content. 


Unfortunately Eastern Market does not have as high quality meat and eggs. I love the Union Meat Company (indoor vendor) and you can find virtually anything there (pig feet?), but the only grass fed beef is ground. The deli meats at other vendors are high sugar, and chicken and eggs from other vendors are not always organic and definitely NOT grass fed. Some of the outdoor vendors sell organic eggs (Agora Farms) but I asked and they said the chickens eat soybeans and corn.


Union Market: This week I thankfully found out about Harvey's Meats in Union Market! Lots of grass fed chicken, PORK! (a rarity), beef, and goat. They also had sugar free hickory smoked bacon! I am super excited! http://www.harveysmarketdc.com/


Thanks to a tip from another member of this forum, I went to Number 1 Son's at Union Market. They sell naturally fermented pickles, kraut, kimchi, and beets. http://www.number1sons.com/


Yes Organic Market: I only go here for supplements (and only then if they are urgent - EVERYTHING at Yes can be purchased on Amazon cheaper), and random hard to find stuff like coconut aminos and Red Boat Fish Sauce Yes is overpriced, the food products are no better than what is in Safeway or Giant. 

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If you can metro to the DuPont Farmers market on Sunday, there are lots of good options there, especially Eco Friendly and Smith Meadow. Cedarbrook (also at H street on Saturday) has the best pork products--lard, pork shoulder and pork chops. All of these are on the pricey side though.

The markets in the burbs are more affordable but far less accessible.

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Is it worth it to get a zip car for a half day to get to the burbs and / or drive out to actual farms in Virginia and Maryland?  I think getting out of the city for a bit  is always a good idea :)  and there are farms in Frederick Md and Winchester area that you can get to in under 2 hours easily.


Old Town Alexandria is very close - even metro accessible if you don't mind a walk from the King St station - and they have a Saturday morning market that would make for a fun morning out.  I find it especially fun as you move into fall (it's year round)  I'm positive there is a vendor for eggs there.... but be warned... there are also some crazy tempting baked goods there ;)

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