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Jennifer's W30 LOG

Jen Musick

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Day 1: August 10th.

Couldn't sleep very well, even woke up with night sweats.


Day 2:

OMG...... I just want to cry a lot! This morning I had a little cry session and went about my day, was ok until around 3:00 pm.  I went to the grocery store kind of hungry. I left as soon as I realized that I was obsessing on desires for chocolate. Still want CHOCOLATE! but I won't today..... I'm going to bed early! I'm kinda grumpy too. I just think honey chicken would be good..... but not today! I know I'm not making very much sense and I'm terribly fragmented but quiet honestly nothing feels normal, I feel off..........base......


Day 3:

Horrible Horrible cravings! I put my insurance agent on the chopping block, surprised she didn't "fire me" I was out of control and mad all day long.


Day 4: repeat of day 3. But started to figure out what time of day my cravings were the strongest. It seems 2:00p is a hot time of the day for me. I started replacing me 2:00 cravings with activity; gardening has been a life saver!


Day 5: repeat of day 4. Cravings are still there no doubt. I'm also starting to realize just how glutinous the world is I included. I'm not necessarily talking about food just things in general. Not sure if its an American thing or what but we walk around with this sense of entitlement....... I'll have to keep an eye on this for me.


Day 6: Better Better Better!!!! I ran this morning, followed the PWO guidelines and felt the air under my feet! It was beautiful. I even stopped for a flock of seagulls not to disrupt there morning routine, they look quiet content, I couldn't help but to turn around. :)!!

My cravings are still here I have just found ways to help them pass, I've also started eating 3 square mills a day and eating enough to fill me up until the next meal. One thing I use to love to do was snack before bed time, this has proven to be challenging because I did it like clock work. every night same routine. AWARE of this, now working on this! 


Day 7: Haven't seem much in the way of weight lose, but that's ok..... my health trumps that. Although I would like to be able to run with out feeling bogged down. Last summer I was 10 Lbs. lighter than I am now. I was at peak physical condition but my diet wasn't the best........   

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