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The importance of Preparation


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I haven't eaten anything that isn't allowed during the whole30 however yesterday and today I found myself unprepared when i wasn't home or anywhere in time that i could have a great snack and after 6 hours since my previous meals i found myself so hungry and with a headache!!! yesterday i drank A LOT of water and ate an apple and celery since there was no protein & today a LARABAR and coconut water. it was a learning experience and i know i didn't do anything so bad but last night after an amazing and late dinner i would up eating a large bowl of fruit including a small banana, cantelope, 1/2 kiwi, and blueberries and i did it because i thought i was still hungry from the daytime when looking back i wasn't really i just felt like eating and eating and eating. lesson learned: be careful on the weekends when you're off your regular routine.


happy day 11!! 

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