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Whole30 for Malabsorption and Underweight

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I have malabsorption syndrome, celiac desease and indigestion.
So I want to change my life with WHOLE30 protocol. Please answer my three questions. Thank you.
1. I know this is not a diet but is way to wellbeing and healthy life.
But majority of people in whole30 says losing weight and fat cutting all around
(i know this is not your intention).
To me, it's little bit nervous because I'm underweight and have malabsorption symdrome(malabsorption due to celiac disease).
I'm a man over 30yo
5ft 10inches and 105lb
my BMI is 15.1(normal range is 18.5 - 24.9)
so for me, losing more weight is critical to my health.
Is whole30 will be a good way for me(underweight, malabsorption) to improve my health?
2. I live in south korea and here main dish is cooked rice(large portion). Yesterday is my first whole30 day or test day. I only eat foods in "Shopping List for Autoimmune protocol" (beef, broccoli, carrots, onion, pumpkin, paeches, plum).
After that, this morning I feel some dizziness. Is this normal? Does my body want more carb or grains? Can i go through this?
3. Sorry for my suspicion. I agree almost every foods in your protocol, but for honey I have some doubt. Honey always does a good job to me on several occasions. When I have bloating or indigestion, it relieves my symptom and I have no negative effect on me through my whole life.
Is it necessary to exclude 100% pure honey?
I think these questions so naive to you, but to me it's critical. And maybe it's only a newbie' rights, right? :)


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Hi -

I think you will get many benefits from following the program.

You don't have to lose weight - in your case, I would perhaps eat 4-5 meals to get in more food and to potentially help you put on weight. Make sure you're eating plenty of fats!

You will likely feel bad during the first week, as you'll be eating less carbs and your body needs to adapt to using fat for fuel. You do need carbs though, so keep up the pumpkin/carrots and sweet potato if you can get that. It does get easier, and you do start to feel better without the grains and high carb based diet - promise!

Sugar is a huge issue in many people's diets - it's also linked to lots of disease and bad health. Honey is just a form of sugar, natural or not - they don't say give it up for life, just 30 days! After that you can do what you like :)

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