Headaches and Restaurant Work during a Whole 30


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Hi everyone!


I am just finishing up day 12 of my first Whole 30 and I am really happy with how things have been going so far (with the exception of some on and off headaches, hoping those will go away). I have spent more time in the kitchen in the past 12 days than I have in the entirety of 2012!


The hardest part of the Whole 30 is that I work in a restaurant part-time on the weekends. I have resisted temptation so far but it has been SO HARD to do so. Every hour some new item pops out of the kitchen like warm brownies, mashed potatoes, beef stroganoff, etc. and it's really testing my self control to avoid these things. I try to bring food with me to work but I work 2 jobs so I am usually struggling just to get in 3 meals at any point in the day. Help! Any advice? Any quick, easy recipes that store well?



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Stay strong sister! I waitress full time at an awesome restaurant that is known for their use of local produce and grass fed beef. It is SO hard not to just try a bite, especially when everyone else is doing it. I eat a huge meal right before going into work, it's usually my largest meal of the day. I don't over eat but I eat until Im full. I work two jobs also so I do a lot of prep work on my day off for the entire week. I cook up a bunch of veggies and meat, don't really use recipes, I just take things I like and combine them.

Ex. Oven roasted brussel sprouts

Sautéed onions,mushrooms,garlic

1/2 grass fed beef steak

On a bed of local mixed greens

Also we have a couple of cool cooks who will entertain my million questions about how they cook certain things(no canola oil or butter!!!) and then make me something Whole 30 friendly.

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Thanks for the support! I have been doing the same thing, trying to eat a big meal right around 4pm before I go in to work. I don't take days off but I usually have Sunday evenings free so I try to prep things like butternut squash, carrots and make some emergency protein for the week to help me in a bind. I think I'm going to compile a list of quick recipes that store well and that I can heat up in the microwave to bring with me in case I'm tempted.


I'll chat with the cooks when I go into work tomorrow night to see if they can make me anything Whole 30 Friendly. :)


Thanks again!

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