Day 4 under My belt and Feeling powerful and strong


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Today was a great day.  I actually distilled some of the information and ate within an hour of getting up.  Today was full of potential problems, breakfast with a friend, cocktail party with neighbors. But I made it through. I am negotating this process one meal at a time.Trying to be in the present about eating.

But I have also stocked compliant foods and am planning meals in advance. And the AI Protocol is hard.


I am feeling so empowered by being able to control how I eat and so committed to the whole 30.  At the cocktail party I had celery and boiled shrimp and drank lots of water.  I ate before I went so I wasn't hungry.  There were so many amazing things there and because I ate before i went I wasn't tempted.  But I did smell things and enjoyed that experience.


I made baked Kale and it was delicious. What a great snack! I have also been reading recipes and ingredients, and  rearranging closet shelves. Tomorrow is a dinner for 12 at my house and I have their menu planned and will eat before the guests arrive. I have included salad and veegies that I can have.


My 3rd day was brutal.  I did not eat until 2 pm and then I was tired and weak feeling and headachey and couldn't sleep.


My second day I slept alot during the day. 


I am under no false illusion that this is hard.  My body wants what it wants.  But I am committed to my health and wellbeing.  And that is my mantra - for my health and for a better life. And I have spent a good part of my life indulging in a not so healthy way. Now I am learning to indulge in a different way.

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Congrats on starting and getting through it so well!! I'm just a newbie too but I'm on Day 9 and getting into my stride only now. I had a few days where I had no energy - and the cravings! Oh my they were a battle but I fought hard and never gave in.


You sound like you're doing fine but if you need any extra support anytime from another newbie just holla! I found that it's good for accountability and tracking to record all meals every day on this forum - might help you?


Good luck to you - You're doing great!

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Thanks Jayne NZ - I am right back at you with support for you.  I have a notebook where i have written all my compliant and non compliant foods and I write down every thing I eat.  I sthere some place special to record my meals or is it just in a post?


I am trying to be differnt this time than every other diet. i am embracing this as a program and really trying to be prepared.


What was your biggest challenge?


Cheers to you on Day 9!

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