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Day 24, this must be the Tiger Blood!

Irish Rose

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Just in from a 6 am workout. I had a coffee with coconut milk and a whisked whole egg and coconut water halved with water during the following workout;

5 rounds of 100 star jumps, 100 mountain climbers

4 rounds of 75 high knees, 75 squat thrusts.

3 rounds of 50 kettle bell swings, 50 kettle bell sumo deadlifts

2 rounds of 25 Burpees , 25 v- ups

1 round of 15 Tricky Ricky's .( an evil mountain climber , thrust , ski jump combination)

I have NEVER felt so good during a workout! I felt light and fluid and my energy was constant. I noticed others struggling and I suspect it was due to their weekends of alcohol and junk food . Feeling happy and bulletproof. It's not easy going against the flow , but my lovely clean eating is paying off big time : ))

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