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My Pre-made Breakfast Plan-12 Day's Worth (I'm so proud of myself!!)


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Yeah, I know, this is not a question.  It's a suggestion (and a bit of a boast for a meat-challenged lady).


First off, credits:  Casserole recipe from  http://www.scrawnywod.com/2011/01/paleo-breakfast-casserole.html ; Sausage is based on Primal Cravings Country Breakfast Sausage, pg 264.


I originally made the casserole with pastured bacon, but it's not Whole30 compliant due to the maple syrup.  Since i can't easily find/afford compliant bacon or ground pork, I decided to try the PC recipe with free-range ground turkey, which I can find and afford.


The first attempt simply substituted the turkey for the pork.  My vegetarian-background cooking skills had me mooshing everything together vigorously, which resulted in delicious tasting but rather dense little hockey pucks.  My pro-chef son suggested that I add an egg, some fat, some finely minced mushrooms & a very light touch.  The result was sausage heaven:


1 lb. ground free-range turkey

1 tsp each - sage, black pepper, dry mustard

1/2 to 1 tsp cayenne (depending on your heat preference)

2 tsp salt

1 egg

1 Tbsp olive oil

2 baby 'bella mushrooms, minced


Blend all seasonings together; beat egg & oil until well blended.  In a large bowl, lightly break up the "strands" of the ground meat with a fork, sprinkle half the seasonings over the meat, toss a bit, then sprinkle the rest of the seasonings & add the egg mix & mushrooms.  Lightly mix & toss with the fork until things look fairly well-distributed.  Lightly form into 8 patties & fry in a medium preheated pan in ghee or coconut oil, several minutes on a side, then flip, rinse & repeat until done, roughly 10-12 minutes total.


Crumble/chop & use instead of the bacon in the paleo breakfast casserole.  Change up the veggies as you like.  


Once it's done, I let it cool until safe to handle, then slice into 12 portions, wrap individually & freeze. Nuke for a minute or so until hot & eat with a handful of cherry tomatoes or avocado slices or whatever.


 Presto!!  Breakfast for 12 Days, pre-made, for busy commuters & morning slackers!!  

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Thanks for sharing the recipe!  I wonder if compliant pancetta would also work as a substitute for the bacon?  That's my next project the next time I'm in the grocery store: see how easy it is to find compliant pancetta.

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Go for it! I think of it as frittata/crust-less quiche & have made it with chicken & broccoli too. I usually only use 18 eggs & add 1/2 cup coconut milk (heavy cream Pre-Whole30) & cut back on the seasonings a bit. It's the easy portion/reheat aspect that I'm loving now. Change up sides & sauce for variety (w/Well Fed mayo & cherry tomatoes):


<couldn't upload the picture - my first food porn ever!!>  :(

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