Whole30 Success, Shedding vs Losing

Guest Annie B

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Guest Annie B

 Its day 30 yall, and I am feeling grateful as hell. After a rocky start, a first attempt that ended around day 11, I rebooted and came back with more commitment and resolve to finish what I started.


 I have called this program a 'cleanse' wherein one eats instead of not eating as is the case with many cleanses out there. And my motivation for doing it, came from my awareness that things were not quite right within my outwardly apparently healthy system. I could sense my inflammation, in my guts and tissues, and knew full and well that I was basically physiologically sugar dependent. 


I had in the recent past been able to shed some body fat, by managing my macro nutrients and over all calorie load... but never was able to shake the inflammation even after several months of compliance with that program. I knew there were food sensitivities at the root. And yet, I wasn't quite ready then to 'give up' some of the foods that I knew I would have too. In fact, I read It Starts with Food a year ago! 


It wasn't until this summer that I knew I was ready. My stress levels in life had come waaaaaay down, and I would be basically set up in an ideal circumstance to do this thing! No excuses! 


In the beginning, there were some mental hurdles... hence the 11th day crash...but once I realized how to separate the signals of mind and body (mental craving or habit, versus physical craving or hunger), I figured out how to navigate through, and around these hurdles. A little bit of back story (some of you reading may be familiar with my back story!) I have worked from the inside out, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on my 'stuff' for a long time. That bares mentioning because I do not think that we can isolate our food choices from our emotional environment. Even if food isn't where you express your disfunction (though I suspect many of you reading this, probably like me, do or have expressed your disfunction with food and eating!). 


So, here I am at day 30... not quite finished, and not really in any hurry. There is no glass of wine  or chocolate cake awaiting at midnight. There is however a glass of raw milk awaiting for breakfast tomorrow! I feel truly great. I have shifted some habits that needed shifting, and addressed the underlying emotional energy that may have been driving some of those habits.


I will share pictures through facebook (please visit me there!), as I can't seem to adapt my laptop's iphoto to make these files small enough for the forum! And in those pictures you will see, the reduction of an inflamed abdomen, and a small decrease in body fat. There was a corresponding decrease in weight... 6 lbs!  I have to reiterate that this was NOT a GOAL. Do I like it? Yes mam' !!! But I was already happy with my body. I have worked long and hard on self-love and appreciation of this miraculous human body that I have. I actually believe that it is that self love that liberated me, and enabled me to do this program. I did this out of love, not hate or fear. 


This feels more like 'shedding' than 'losing'. I haven't lost anything... I have shed a layer, I no longer need. And in its place is a shiny tender new self... ready to meet the world! 


Annie Banks 


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Wow! you look great! :) I like this diet. I don't crave carbs or sugars at all. Once in a while I am tempted to grab a fresh baked cookie when I get a coffee from my favorite coffee shop but I am able to stop myself without much struggle.

However my weight is not coming off as I wished it to. I am within a range of healthy weight but I would really love to lean out.

Anyway, congratulations and I hope with another round of whole 30, I am able to reach my goal.

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