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For post menopausal women

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Before joining the forum I remember reading a post-menopausal woman's post about her frustration with not losing weight, not seeing "results."


I'm here to testify to older women that the Whole30 does make a huge difference. We don't have to wear the older woman's paunch the rest of our lives!


I am age 60 and went through menopause at age 53.


Actually on the Whole30 I didn't begin seeing a significant reduction in my waistline until around day 45. (After day 30 I stopped counting.) I've had a little reintroduction but am not very interested in indulging in the past. Some cheese is about all I've had though I plan to try some white rice this week.


Late in the 30 days I got very strict with myself about no snacking mid-afternoon (just a few nuts usually) but just sticking to 3 straight meals a day, and I think that may have made a difference too.

(Cortisol levels?)


Before finding the Hartwig's book I had already been off gluten grains for about 10 months after ready "Wheat Belly" and all grains for about 4 months after reading more online about paleo, etc. before reading "It starts with food" and beginning the Whole30 program. I had already noticed a tremendous difference with bowels movements (No more constipation!!!), bloating, and all the little aches and pains that we attribute to aging. I practice yoga, which really gets you in touch with joints, ligaments, muscles in various parts of the body, and I noticed a significant difference in how open my hips, spine and shoulders were becoming. My trick left hip became normal after about 3 days of no grains. My right shoulder which I'd thought was just full of scar tissue is gradually opening up.


Back to the post-menopause aspect: I have noticed a little spotting recently (after about 6 weeks). I'm wondering if it is related to reintroducing dairy then backing off from dairy, since Hartwigs discuss the hormonal aspects of dairy.


I was not significantly overweight before starting Whole30 (5'3-1/2" and around 123 lb.) but am gradually losing a lifelong paunch that is so characteristic of the women in my family.


During the whole time I have felt great: more energetic, no glycemic highs and lows, I feel hungry before the next meal sometimes but it's a welcomed hunger, not a famished I've got to have something to munch on NOW hunger.


As others have mentioned, it's amazing to have the FREEDOM from the grip food has on your life!


Sorry to go on so long, but this is my first post. Would love to hear from other older women.



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Hi, I'm 55 and also menopausal. I was able to lose 8 lbs on my W30, most of it that paunch! I still have a ways to go, but I love the W30 program. Like you I had a lot of success with eliminating joint pain (unfortunately I realized it was caused by eggs and I will now avoid them) and sugar highs/lows. I'm doing a bit of off roading at the moment, since we are going on vacation next week, and I will have to eat non compliant. But 9/1 I will be starting a new W30 and beyond.

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I am 57 and been menopausal for about 6 years. I am on day 26 of my W30. so far I have noticed that I am sleeping better and have less joint pain, bloating, constipation. the biggest benefit is a lack of cravings. I have suffered from binge eating for decades and it is such a relief to be free from them! I, too have had enough 'experimentation' and intend to stay Whole30 compliant except when traveling and even then to do the best I can.

I hope to lose weight but, truthfully I am more impressed by how I feel these days.

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I'm peri-menopausal and 52 years old (disregard the photo which is my 25 year old self, LOL).  I haven't had my period in 6 months; today is Day 30 of my first ever Whole 30.  I keep feeling like I'm about to get my moon time but nothing shows.  My doctor says if I am without one for a year they will call me menopausal.


What I have noticed is that my hot flashes increased in the first week or so, but lately they are reduced.  I'm pretty excited about that! 



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