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Effects on blood clotting/thinning??


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Bit of an odd one here.

Strict paleo/the W30 seems to have an effect on my cycle in that I'll have 3-4 days on, a couple of days off, then another day or two on.

Thing is, I'm also getting nosebleeds.


Just wondering if it's coincidence?  :huh:

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In regards to the nosebleeds there are some that say that there are spices can decrease coagulation (curry, cinnamon, oregano) because they contain some salicylates (like aspirin), garlic is reputed to reduce coagulation as are omega 3's in people who are particularly sensitive. You may be one of these people. You might get some relief if you reduce these foods, or conversely if you increase vit K rich foods in your diet. 

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