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aluminum foil -- isn't it bad for you


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Good morning


I am on my 3rd day zero right how having made it to 3 so far  :)  -- it's been about a week.


So far I love everything I am learning and high on that list is all the wives tales, and food superstitions and myth BUSTING.


Can anyone bust this myth for me :


I am surprised to see food being cooked in/with aluminum foil. 


I think aluminum foil causes senility among other things -- stopped using it years ago. One of those metals your body has a very hard time getting out once it is in. 


Especially never cook with acidic food -- I always believed this. I've seen aluminum foil partly dissolved on top of lasagna.....(tomatoes are acidic)


Ok bust that if you can  :)  :)  :)  :)  :D  :D  :D  :D  :wub:

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It's kind of beyond our scope here. We're just focused on food, not cooking methods.  Some folks think that the charred bits on bbqed foods will cause excessive amts of free radicals to enter your body and are cancer promoting, others think that plastics are the devil and contribute to autoimmune conditions and other stuff.


If you don't feel that aluminum is safe, don't cook with it. Easy peasy!

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Are you eating the aluminium foil? Proof of leaching into foods the way plastics can through cooking is lacking*. So unless you're eating it there's nothing to worry about. And even so, it's likely to just pass though you. Storing acidic foods and then cooking them in the same foil might not be a good idea though.

Cooking with aluminium pots though... different story. If the anodized layer is removed then leaching is quite possible.

*there's no shortage of websites claiming the opposite, so if you're the er tin-foil type, as Renée Lee suggested, simply don't use foil for food.

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